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Warsaw. Councilors will not explain irregularities in the MPO. They covered themselves with an ongoing investigation

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With the votes of the councilors of the Civic Coalition from the Thursday session of the Warsaw Council, the point regarding the information of the president about irregularities in the Municipal Cleaning Company was deleted. They concern, inter alia, tenders for waste management. According to the investigators, the company could have been involved in corruption practices, in which the Head of Employers of Poland, Rafał Baniak, was allegedly involved.

At Thursday’s session, KO councilors rejected a draft submitted by Law and Justice councilors, who applied for inclusion in the agenda of the Warsaw Council of an item regarding information from the mayor of the city on alleged irregularities in the municipal MPO company.

Piotr Szyszko spoke on behalf of the PiS councillors’ club. – We learned from media information that there are irregularities in the MPO company. Irregularities in tenders involving people from the circle of PO politicians. We demand clarification of these irregularities – he said.

He emphasized that the prices for the collection and management of municipal waste are important for the inhabitants of Warsaw. – If the residents pay for these irregularities out of pocket, we demand detailed explanations from the president – he added. He demanded information from the president of Warsaw.

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KO club boss: conversation yes, but not while there is an investigation

Jarosław Szostakowski, the chairman of the Civic Councilors Club, pointed out that the prosecutor’s office and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) are currently investigating the matter. – According to the information provided by the representative of the CBA, the searches took place in the town hall and in the MPO. We do not know what materials have been secured for the purposes of the investigation, we do not know what information is covered by the secret of the investigation – he said.

– I believe that the subject of the operation of the MPO and garbage is an important topic. The Council has discussed this topic many times. But at this point, introducing this point means that we can disrupt the investigation – emphasized Szostakowski. – We can provoke the city hall so that the president’s representatives accidentally disclose information that is covered by the secrecy of this investigation. I have no doubt that at some point we will talk about it at the Warsaw Council, but not when the prosecutor’s office and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau are investigating. Today we relied solely on media reports and very selective elements that the city hall could provide us with – he added.

He reminded that two cases are suspended in the Audit Committee precisely because investigations are being conducted in these cases. He appealed not to generate a second, identical topic.

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The chairman of the union about the “arrangement”, the source of “word of mouth”

Trade unions from MPO claim that already in July they informed the mayor of Warsaw about irregularities in the company. – One of our demands, apart from wages, was a reorganization in the company consisting in getting rid of politicians and their friends and replacing them with a manager who will take care of this company as it should be – Waldemar Wolski, chairman of NSZZ “Solidarność” MPO, told PAP.

– We heard through word of mouth that there is nothing to count on tenders for waste processing, because there is an arrangement with one of the companies. We do not have access to such documents and we wanted to point out to the president that it should be checked. As far as I know, because the president has not officially informed us, there is an audit in the company. It is known that certain things are checked, but whether tenders are not known – he said. – We have not received any official information, the more so that we proposed to the president that we could get involved in this on the basis that we would show the areas that arouse our concern. But unfortunately, the president chose a different path.

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The audit is ongoing, the city hall is waiting for “specific findings of the prosecutor’s office”

The capital city hall confirms that an audit is underway at the MPO. – The previously planned audit has been going on at the MPO since January 16. At the moment, we are not planning additional inspections in connection with the inspection of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, said Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the city hall. “We are waiting for the specific findings of the prosecutor’s office,” she added.

Waldemar Wolski pointed out that nothing has changed in the company. – The president’s statements are that the CBA is still in the city and in municipal companies. He comments that these are political deals to hit him. We, as employees, are not interested in what reasons, we are interested in the result, i.e. the dismissal of people responsible for this mess. This has a negative impact on the image of the company.

The chairman of the union stressed that after the CBA inspection, he hopes that the guilty will be brought to justice. – But regardless of the results, we are of the opinion that the management board should be relieved of its positions, due to the fact that there are too many irregularities already detected today – he added.

Detention of Rafał Baniak – what were the charges against him?

The case of irregularities in the capital’s MPO resonated widely after the arrest by the CBA of the Head of Employers of Poland, former Deputy Minister of the Treasury Rafał Baniak. The official heard charges in the Silesian Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office, including leading an organized criminal group and invoking influence. The allegations are related to arranging contracts with the Warsaw MPO worth PLN 600 million in exchange for a bribe of PLN 4 million 990 thousand. By the court’s decision, Baniak and two entrepreneurs were temporarily arrested for three months.

Rafal BaniakTVN24

According to the findings of the investigators, from August 2020 to January 2023, there was a corruption practice related to the conclusion of contracts for the management of waste from the Capital City of Warsaw. “Representatives of one of the capital groups interested in participating in waste processing entered into an agreement with Rafał B.” – reported the National Prosecutor’s Office.

“As a result of corruption-related findings, the interested companies of the capital group obtained significant orders from MPO in Warsaw. Then, in 2021-2022, these companies managed waste from the Capital City of Warsaw, obtaining orders from MPO Warszawa for a total amount of almost PLN 600 million” – noted PK .

As the tvn24.pl portal found out unofficially in a source related to the investigation, the surety for Rafał Baniak was made by Daniel Obajtek. Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Metropolitan of Warsaw, also provided a personal guarantee.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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