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Warsaw. Critical Walking Mass. They measured how much space there was on the sidewalks

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They are demanding new crossings and wide, smooth sidewalks, and more expenditure on pedestrian access. On Saturday, the Critical Walking Mass passed through Warsaw. Participants measured the distances between parked cars and buildings.

“Come with us on the sidewalks!” – they encouraged the organizers to take part in the fifth Critical Walking Mass. The event started at 12 o’clock on the corner of Puławska and Dworkowa Streets. The march was accompanied by the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Artur Węgrzynowicz. As he indicated, about 100 people showed up.

– As planned, they left the intersection of Puławska and Dworkowa Street and, assisted by the police, headed towards Goworka Street. Pedestrians were walking along the pavement, and cyclists were driving along the right lane. Participants measured the distance from parked cars to tenement houses at Puławska Street. They calculated that pedestrians have an average of 160 cm at their disposal. In the place where there are gas boxes even less – 120 cm. The protest was also attended by parents with children in prams – described Węgrzynowicz.

Critical Walking Mass in Warsaw Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

The protesters had banners with them: “We don’t want lazy officials”, “Walkway”, “We’ll all fit in”, or “It’s just about a normal pavement”.

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They join forces with cyclists

“Invite the children, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents. Let’s go together to fight for pedestrian-friendly Warsaw. We come back to Puławska Street again, but not alone! we read in the announcement of the event on Facebook.

Why Puławska again? “Despite the announcement, the announced changes on the section from Dolna Street to Rakowiecka Street have not been implemented. Currently, the sidewalks at Puławska Street are only 1.5 m wide – in some places even less, when parking cars occupy 2 m, which is inconsistent with the regulations in the Unguarded Paid Parking Zone The regulations require that where parking on the pavement is allowed, 2 m for the pavement, and 2.5 m for the parking space. while pedestrians, the least protected road users – only 10%. ENOUGH OF THIS. WE WANT TO GO! ” – the organizers are calling.

And they explain that they want a normal transition from the tram to the bus and free movement around the city with young children. “We want to be mobile, even when we use a wheelchair or on crutches. All our postulates remain valid – and they include tips for years to come – how to renovate and build city streets, shape space and manage traffic” – they sum up.

The end of the march is planned at the height of Rakowiecka, after 1 pm. As mentioned, the co-organizers are Green Mazovia, Spring in Warsaw and Miasto Jest Nasz.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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