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Warsaw. Cyclist on the Łazienkowski Bridge [nagranie]

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Instead of using a footbridge for bicycles, he decided to cross the busy Łazienkowski Bridge from the left to the right bank of the Vistula. Our reader captured the irresponsible behavior of a cyclist with a car camera. The regulations are clear: if there is a designated cycle path, the rider must use it.

The recording sent to our editorial office shows a cyclist moving along the road of the Łazienkowski Bridge. The man is driving along the line between the center lane and the lane reserved for buses, taxis and motorcyclists. As described by the author of the recording, Mr. Marek, everything happened on Monday around 7 pm – The cyclist was going towards Grochów. He posed quite a threat, not so much to the drivers as to himself. As for that hour, there was no traffic jam, but just behind the cyclist, the congestion had already started to form – says Mr. Marek. The recording shows how a cyclist goes along the entire length of the Łazienkowski Bridge and, signaling with his hand, starts a lane change maneuver and continues towards Wał Miedzeszyński.

As the author of the recording told us, he did not report the case to the police. But the video sent us as a warning, because he considers the behavior of this particular cyclist to be “extremely irresponsible”.


At each entrance to the bridge: no entry for bicycles

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What does the issue of cycling on a street such as Trasa Łazienkowska look like in terms of regulations? Jakub Dybalski from the Capital City Roads Authority informed that the cyclist had no right to be in this place. – Regardless of what a cyclist is allowed to do and what is not, there is a sign prohibiting entry for bicycles at each entry to the Łazienkowski Bridge – said Dybalski. The representative of city road workers pointed out that the cyclist’s attitude is twice as surprising. – Parallel to the bridge there is a footbridge for cyclists, which is a comfortable and safe crossing from one bank of the Vistula to the other – said Dybalski.

Pursuant to Art. 33 par. 1 of the Road Traffic Act: “the rider of a bicycle or electric scooter is obliged to use a bicycle lane or a bicycle lane if they are designated for the direction in which he is moving or intends to turn”.

We also asked the Warsaw Police Headquarters about the cyclist’s behavior. What are the consequences of such an offense? We are waiting for answer.

Main photo source: Author: Marek

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