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Warsaw. Cyclists collided head-on on the boulevards

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The capital's city guards helped two cyclists who collided on the boulevards on the Vistula River. According to the city guard, witnesses said that both of them were traveling at high speed.

The incident took place on holiday Monday. The sunny weather was perfect for bicycle rides. For these two cyclists, it ended in hospital.

“City guards from the Specialist Unit, who were patrolling the boulevards on the Vistula River between the Poniatowski and Średnicowy bridges around 11 a.m., noticed two people and bicycles lying next to them on the bicycle path at the exit from Wisłostrada. One of the men was lying on the sidewalk, the other was sitting next to “- the city guard reports in a statement. Both cyclists were injured.

Collision of cyclists on the boulevardsWarsaw City Guard

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The guards provided first aid

“Witnesses informed the guards that a moment earlier, cyclists, riding at high speed, had a head-on collision. The guards determined that an ambulance had already been called and took care of the accident participants. There was a qualified first aid rescuer in the patrol who quickly assessed the condition of the injured. One of the men “required securing a broken thumb, dressing a bruised elbow and disinfecting abrasions on his face. The second one may have suffered a concussion because he hit his head during a fall. He was placed in a safe side position, the guards also treated his bleeding nose and abrasions,” describes the city guard.

After a few minutes, an ambulance arrived on site. The injured were handed over to rescuers, who decided that they needed to go to hospital.

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge was opened in Warsaw on Thursday: :

Warsaw. Pedestrian and bicycle bridge open

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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