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Warsaw. Czerniakowska. The cyclists ran a red light, the child stayed. Recording

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Two cyclists crossed the busy Czerniakowska Street at a red light. One of them was traveling with a child who had stopped between the roadways. – It showed common sense, waited for the green light to turn on – wrote Mr. Piotr, who sent a recording of the situation to Kontakt 24.

The dangerous event took place on Sunday afternoon, April 23, near the intersection of Idzikowskiego and Czerniakowska in Mokotów. It was recorded by Mr. Piotr, who sent the recording to Kontakt 24. The video shows a cyclist crossing the road on a red light, partly after a pedestrian crossing. Two more people are coming from the opposite direction, they are crossing one carriageway, and only one is going the other. The child who was following the woman stays on the island between the roadways. A honking is heard. “I thought it was green,” she explains.

– It is a blessing in misfortune that no one was hurt, that the child did not immediately follow its mother. It wouldn’t even be possible to react – Mr. Piotr, the author of the recording, told the editors of Kontakt 24.

“The sight made me freeze”

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– I ride a bike very often, so I often come across irresponsible people on the road, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. There is usually a lot of traffic here, but yesterday I witnessed an extremely dangerous situation. First, one cyclist came out from behind my back, at a red light, she was lucky that the cars were standing. A cyclist with a child, who was standing in front of her, suddenly set off without waiting for the light to change. She left the baby behind, and the baby thankfully didn’t follow her. She was hit by a car that was going very fast. She was very lucky. This sight chilled me – described Mr. Piotr.

And he added that he exchanged a few words with the cyclist. – She said she was lost. It was probably the case that, seeing that first cyclist running a red light, without checking if the lights had really changed, she set off across the road. Only the lights didn’t change, it was still red. “It was common sense for an eight- to ten-year-old child on a bicycle to wait for the light to go green,” he concluded.

Contact 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Wolski / Contact 24

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