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Warsaw. Dangerous maneuvers of the bus driver. The carrier apologizes

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The driver of the city bus made sudden maneuvers, posing a threat to other road users. He changed lanes over and over again, trying to overtake the car in front of him. Everything was recorded by the rear camera of another driver’s car. The carrier apologizes for the behavior of the bus driver.

We received the first information and the recording on Kontakt 24. As the reader informed, the event was recorded on February 22 after 10 pm on Szaser√≥w Street in Warsaw. The video shows a city bus whose driver makes sudden maneuvers. He moves into the opposite lane, as if to overtake a passenger car, and then pulls back into his lane. “The driver got to me, I noticed him when he started shining high beams and honking” – the author of the recording said. No sounds can be heard on the recording, it is recorded by the rear car camera.

The bus probably did not carry passengers, instead of the line number it had the inscription “technical crossing”.

As we have been able to determine, the bus belongs to the fleet of PKS Grodzisk Mazowiecki with which the capital’s ZTM has a contract for performing part of city courses.

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The carrier apologizes

We asked the carrier for a comment on the behavior of the driver, who posed a threat to other road users with sudden maneuvers.

“We apologize for the behavior of our driver. The investigation carried out in the case confirmed his non-compliance with traffic regulations, which occurred during the bus exit without passengers to the depot, after finishing work on line 135,” he wrote in a statement sent to tvnwarszawa.pl Wojciech Zalewski, director of the Warsaw PKS Grodzisk Mazowiecki base. He assured that such driver behavior is not tolerated. “For the indicated traffic offenses and thus failures in the driver’s duties, disciplinary conclusions will be drawn against the driver. The driver was acquainted with the complaint and the evidence in the form of a video sent and with the recordings from the on-board monitoring of the bus” – stressed Zalewski.

“I apologize on behalf of the driver and our company for this incident. We assure you that the safety of our passengers and other road users is very important to us and we do not underestimate any report in this matter” – he concluded.

Main photo source: Contact 24/ Internet user

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