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Warsaw. Delayed renovation on Ordona. Road builders have a proposition for historic cobblestones

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Road workers and the authorities of Wola are wondering how to renovate Ordona Street in accordance with the position of the conservator of monuments. He does not agree to the removal of the paved surface, which is the source of problems for local residents. For now, they have two ideas for settling this matter. One of them assumes the temporary removal of stone cubes.

Ordona used to be a peripheral street in the railroad area. Now new housing estates are being built there, the inhabitants of which complain about the noise and dust caused by passing trucks. The cobbled street is also full of holes that destroy the chassis of the residents’ cars. A year ago, councilors alerted that her condition was “critical” and it is only suitable for urgent repair. The Municipal Roads Authority and the district want to renovate the street. Since it was entered in the register of monuments in 2017, it must have a permit from the provincial inspector of monuments. This one believes that the pavement must be preserved.

Road workers propose a solution

– As for Ordona Street, we are standing a bit against the wall. The pavement is entered in the register of monuments. We asked the conservator to remove him from it, unfortunately the conservator did not agree – reminds the spokesman of the ZDM Jakub Dybalski. He points out that theoretically, you can start designing or looking for money for redevelopment, but on the assumption that the pavement must stay there. – But leaving this cobblestone in this place does not solve any of the problems we want to solve, i.e. noise and dirt – emphasized Dybalski.

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As he added, leaving the pavement only makes sense when there will be no truck traffic there. – Our idea is that we will try to propose to the conservator a solution to remove the pavement from there, take it to our warehouse and secure it. Let it lie in this warehouse, maybe 10 years, maybe a little more, until this place “settles” – he said. – Perhaps the plants to which these trucks go will move to another place, all developers who are to build there will be built and this would prevent these big trucks from going there – he added.

He explained that in such a situation, ZDM would bring back the pavement and lay it down. – Only then will these big trucks not be driven on it, because they will not be there then – he added.

– We want to renovate Ordona Street and we are trying with all our strength – he emphasized.

A slightly different idea for the district town hall, which he suggested to the conservator, to treat the cobblestones as it is on Łucka Street – to use it for parking spaces and outskirts, and to put asphalt in the middle of the road. The district is now waiting for the restorer’s response.

Conservator of monuments with insufficient arguments of ZDM

“The paving of the street is related to the construction of the Central Chapter Station of the nearby Western Railway Station in the 1950s. The state of preservation of the streets and pavement has not changed significantly since its inclusion in the GEZ (Gmina Register of Monuments – ed.), And quoted by the Road Authority Municipal arguments of the poor technical condition of the surface and the noise generated by vehicles moving on the cobblestones, do not constitute a sufficient condition for its removal from the register of monuments “- wrote the provincial conservator of monuments, professor Jakub Lewicki, responding to the request to remove the pavement.

“The spatial arrangement of the street from the 1950s together with the paving stones constitute a document of the city’s urban development, and the inclusion of the building in the municipal register of monuments aims to maintain the historical character of the southern section of Ordona Street” – he added.

As noted by professor Lewicki, “bearing in mind the above, it should be considered that excluding the pavement in question from the municipal register of monuments, despite its poor technical condition, is unjustified”.

– The paving stones for Ordona, as the provincial conservator himself pointed out, were brought there in the 1950s. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about its high historic value, which requires protection in its entirety. Despite this, the conservator did not decide to delete – commented the mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski.

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Historical pavement was discovered on GagarinArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Wola District Office

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