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Warsaw. Demolition of the viaduct of Trasa Łazienkowska. Changes in traffic from Saturday

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The modernization of two viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska located over Bajońska and Paryska Streets is underway. On Saturday, July 8, the first of them – the northern one – will be closed to traffic. Drivers will go in both directions on the road currently leading towards Grochów. There will also be traffic restrictions for pedestrians and cyclists.

The modernization of Trasa Łazienkowska in Saska Kępa means the construction of two new viaducts over Bajońska and Paryska streets. As the road builders assure in the release, the effect of the investment will also be better protection of residents against noise, which is the source of road traffic in the Avenue of the United States. Acoustic screens will be built on the section from Bajońska Street to Międzynarodowa Street, and a quiet surface will appear on the roadway.

“New lighting and changes in signage will make the road safer. Over 70 new trees will be planted along the Avenue of the United States, which together with the trees already growing will form rows on both sides. There will also be nearly 15 thousand additional shrubs, numerous perennials, creepers and lawns” – it was calculated.

Trasa Łazienkowska – detour of viaductsWarsaw City Hall

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Demolition of the northern viaduct

Field work is already underway. Strengthening the embankment in the area of ​​Bajońska Street, liquidation of islands at pedestrian crossings through Paryska Street and installation of speed bumps precede the commencement of the main stage of the investment, i.e. the demolition and then reconstruction of the viaducts. The viaduct on the north side will be the first to be modernized.

The demolition of the northern viaduct will be carried out in stages and will be completed in autumn. The works will use crawler excavators equipped with appropriate demolition equipment. First, the surface and equipment of the viaduct will be dismantled, and then the reinforced concrete elements will be dismantled.

Starting the demolition of the viaduct requires changes in traffic organization. These will go into effect on Saturday, July 8. “Then, the northern carriageway of the United States Avenue, currently leading towards the city center, will be closed. Drivers traveling in this relation will switch to the southern carriageway behind the Exhibition Canal. They will return to the northern side in the area of ​​the junction with Wał Miedzeszyński” – announced the road workers.

There will be three lanes, including a bus lane

There will be three traffic lanes on the road currently leading towards Grochów – one to the center and two in the opposite direction, one of which is intended for Warsaw Public Transport buses, taxis, MTON vehicles and motorcycles. The lanes for turning into Saska Street towards Gocław and into Uruguay Street will also be open.

The connection of Międzynarodowa Street with Trasa Łazienkowska will be maintained throughout the investment implementation. As before, drivers driving along the United States Avenue towards the center will be able to turn into it. It will also be possible to leave the International Street to the right. On the other hand, the northern section of Saska Street will lose its connection with Trasa Łazienkowska – it will not be possible to turn from Aleja

From July 8, the exit from Saska Kępa to Wał Miedzeszyński will be closed. Those going in the direction of Praga-Północ or Wawer should head to Aleja Washington or Fieldorfa “Nila” Street earlier.

During the reconstruction of the viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska over Bajońska and Paryska streets, the main detour will be Trasa Siekierkowska. In order to make it easier for drivers leaving Siekierkowska Route to join the traffic, an additional lane was created along the roadway of Wał Miedzeszyński behind the right turn towards the centre. On the other hand, drivers going from the Łazienkowski Bridge to Wał Miedzeszyński towards Trasa Siekierkowska will be provided with their own lane on the extension of the slip road – so far they had to give way to vehicles coming from Wybrzeże Szczecińskie. Detours will also run along Fieldorfa “Nila” Street and Washington Avenue.

Buses will not change routes

Warsaw Public Transport buses running along the United States Avenue will not change routes, except for E-1. Buses of this line, towards the Stadion Narodowy metro station, will go straight along Saska Street, turn into Winners and take it to Wał Miedzeszyński, i.e. to their regular route. On the way, they will stop at the stop on the viaduct on Saska Street and at the station of the Blood and Katowicka stops on Winners Street.

The Kryniczna 02 stop on Wale Miedzeszyński will be closed. Vehicles going towards Grochów and Wawer will continue to use their bus lane. On the other hand, buses going towards the center will have a separate lane on a closed roadway. It will be available only for Warsaw Public Transport. Buses will take it to the viaduct on ul. Saska, and then they will cross to the other carriageway, to a common lane with other vehicles. Bus travel will also be facilitated by bus lanes marked out in Aleja Unii, and on Ostrobramska Street.

Trasa Łazienkowska – modernization of viaductsWarsaw City Hall

Buses going to the city center will still stop at ul. Międzynarodowa and ul. Saska. The temporary stop at the first intersection will be at the same height as the existing one. However, the location of the second stop will change, which will be moved in front of the viaduct of Saska Street to the height of Primary School No. 143.

The possibility of passing under the viaducts along Paryska Street will be preserved. On the other hand, the passage under Trasa Łazienkowska along Wąchocka and Bajońska Streets will be closed. Both streets will have two-way traffic. Due to changes in the organization of traffic, you will not be able to park on them.

Changes for pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrian traffic will be maintained under Trasa Łazienkowska on Paryska Street. Pedestrians, on the other hand, will not pass under the viaducts along Wąchocka and Bajońska Streets and the crossing at the height of Rapperswilska and Wanda Streets. There will also be no pedestrian traffic on the northern side of the viaduct – between Wanda and Wąchocka Streets.

In turn, cyclists will not be able to use the bicycle path on the northern side of the United States Avenue on the section from the exit from the footbridge under the Łazienkowski Bridge to Wanda Street. The passage under the viaduct at Wanda Street will also be closed. Information boards will direct cyclists to a detour on the other side of the route and further along Ostrobramska and Grenadierów Streets.

Trasa Łazienkowska – detour of a closed road for bicycles

The next stage of modernization

The viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska over Paryska and Bajońska Streets have been in use since 1974. The technical condition of the nearly half-century old buildings forces them to be reconstructed. The investment is being carried out by the Warsaw City Development Board. “The general contractor of construction works, the cost of which is PLN 88.7 million, is WARBUD. Brico Group Sp. z o.o. is the Contract Engineer. The investment will be completed in mid-2025.” road workers said.

Passage along the Łazienkowska Route in both directions will be possible throughout the reconstruction.

Work on the viaducts in Saska Kępa is the next stage of modernization of Trasa Łazienkowska. So far, the Łazienkowski bridge, flyovers at junctions with Wisłostrada and Wał Miedzeszyński, and the viaduct at Przyczółek Grochowski have been renovated. By March 2024, the reconstruction of two viaducts of Trasa Łazienkowska at the Agrykola Park will be completed.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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