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Warsaw. Detained for drugs in Mokotów. “He was sitting in a parked car, leading a fierce monologue with him”

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Police officers from Mokotów detained a 41-year-old suspected of possessing narcotic drugs. According to the spokesman of the district headquarters, the man “sat in a parked Citroen, leading a fierce monologue with him, shouted and waved his hands”. This is how he caught the attention of the officers who became suspicious that he might be under the influence of alcohol. It turned out that the man was sober, but he had drugs in the car.

In the morning, policemen patrolling the area of ​​Idzikowskiego Street noticed a car standing by one of the premises. The man inside the Citroen was waving his hands and apparently shouting to himself. He was alone in the car. He was also not seen talking on the phone. The policemen decided to identify him and check his sobriety. At the sight of the uniformed men, he stopped talking with himself. He was showing nervousness – reports the spokesman of the Mokotów command, Robert Koniuszy.


Mephedrone and marijuana in a clipboard

It turned out, however, that the man was sober. But after checking with police systems, it turned out that in the past the 41-year-old was detained and punished for drug possession. When scouts asked if he had drugs, he said he might have something. There were two bags in the glove compartment inside the car – Koniuszy points out.

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And he says that one bag contained a powdered substance, and the other was a green-brown dried fruit: – Testing with a drug tester showed that it was mephedrone and marijuana. The suspect man explained that he found drugs in a toi toi toilet.

The officers seized the drugs as evidence in the case, and the holder of the drugs was placed in police custody. – Now he will be able to present his defense in court, which may sentence him up to three years in prison – summarizes the spokesman of the Mokotów policemen.

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