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Warsaw. Detained for stealing a sachet from a car. Police: two hours earlier, one of them robbed a 79-year-old girl

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Inner city policemen detained two people shortly after they stole a sachet with money and documents from the car. According to the spokesman of this command, one of the detained two hours earlier carried out a robbery on a 79-year-old woman: – The man knocked on the victim’s door asking for help, and when the woman opened it, he burst into the apartment, hit his face with his fist and took the money from wallet.

A loud scream from a man and a call for help alerted policemen from the downtown intelligence and patrol department. It turned out that two men stole a sachet from a car parked on Fredry Street and ran away with it towards Wierzbowa Street – reports the spokesman of the subinsp. Robert Szumiata.

The policemen chased the thieves. – They quickly caught up and overpowered the thieves: 33- and 54-year-old. They found a sachet with documents next to one of them, and PLN 300 on the other. The aggrieved party recognized the items he had lost and confirmed the amount of cash in the sachet – Szumiata points out.


“Two hours earlier, he made a robbery on a 79-year-old girl”

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Meanwhile, it turned out that one of the detainees – the 33-year-old – has something else on his conscience. – Two hours earlier he had robbed a 79-year-old woman. The man knocked on the victim’s door asking for support in the form of money or food. When the aggrieved party opened the door, the 33-year-old burst into her apartment, punched her several times in the face, knocked her over on the floor, took several dozen zlotys from her wallet and ran away – describes a spokesman for downtown police.

As he explains, the attacker at the police station was recognized by a policeman who, immediately after reporting the crime, analyzed the recordings from the surveillance cameras.

– Both men have already heard the charge of theft, acting jointly and in concert, for which the penal code provides for up to five years imprisonment. The 33-year-old also heard the charge of robbery, for which he is facing up to 12 years. The court, at the request of the investigators, has already decided to detain him for three months, summarizes the sub-inspector.

The city center policemen detained two suspects, incl. about theftKRP and

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