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Warsaw. Difficulties in Bemowo due to the construction of the Karolin metro station

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Due to the construction of the last section of the second metro line in Bemowo from Tuesday, March 14, difficulties should be expected on Połczyńska Street, which will be narrowed in both directions.

In the area of ​​the intersection of Połczyńska and Sochaczewska streets, a station of the second metro line C01 Karolin will be built. First of all, however, the sewage system needs to be rebuilt in this place. This work requires roadway narrowing.

Big changes in traffic from Tuesday

According to the capital city hall, changes in traffic await drivers from Tuesday, March 14. From about 8 o’clock both carriageways of Połczyńska Street will be narrowed. The extreme left lanes, i.e. those closest to the dividing strip, will be excluded from traffic. At the intersection with Sochaczewska Street, drivers will have two lanes at their disposal – in both directions. They will also be able to turn into Sochaczewska all the time.

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– Drivers driving along Połczyńska Street, towards the border of Warsaw – i.e. along the northern carriageway – will see signs informing about the narrowing about 250 meters before the intersection with Sochaczewska Street. Behind the intersection, the narrowing will remain in force for about 150 meters – Jakub Leduchowski from the capital city hall clarified.

He added that a similar traffic organization will be introduced on the southern thread of the road.

– Those entering the capital, about 200 meters before the intersection with Sochaczewska Street, will learn about the closure of the left lane of the road. At the intersection, drivers will have a choice of three lanes: the left one for turning into Sochaczewska Street and two lanes for driving straight ahead. Behind the intersection, on the southern roadway of Połczyńska, the road will have a full cross-section, he said. – The fenced off fragments will be marked with luminous information boards and secured along the entire length with road posts indicating the limit of the clearance – added Leduchowski.

Passengers of the Warsaw Public Transport should also expect difficulties. From March 14, the operation of the Sochaczewska 02 stop will be suspended.

The area of ​​the planned construction of the Karolin metro stationWarsaw City Hall

The construction of the last section of the M2 line begins

As the capital city hall reminds construction of the western section of the M2 line started in February. After fencing off the construction sites and redevelopment of underground installations, Rayskiego Street was closed, under which the C02 Chrzanów station will be built. Work is also underway in the area of ​​the Osiedle Górczewska bus terminus, near which the C03 Lazurowa underground stop will be located.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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