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Warsaw. Difficulties in the subway. Counter-terrorists are practicing at the station

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Five stations of the first metro line in the north have been closed. Second line trains do not stop at the National Stadium station. The anti-terrorist exercises announced by the National Police Headquarters, carried out in cooperation with the FBI, have begun. Alternative communication has been launched.

Line exercises M1 have started. The Marymont, Słodowiec, Stare Bielany, Wawrzyszew and Młociny stations have been closed to traffic, the Public Transport Authority announced a moment before 7 p.m. Trains run on the Kabaty-Plac Wilsona section. FOR THE METRO.

Exercises code-named “Wolf-Ram-23”

The organizer of the exercise under the code name “Wolf-Ram-23” is the National Police Headquarters together with the Department for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

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– The main purpose of the exercise is to respond to the police in the event of a crisis situation in the form of a terrorist attack related to a chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear threat. The exercises will last until Wednesday, April 19, and the individual episodes will cover the area of ​​other voivodships, announced the spokesman for the Chief Police Commander, Insp. Mariusz Ciarka.

Therefore, the city informed that in the evening and night from Monday to Tuesday, until Traffic disruptions are expected at 4am.

The exercises will be carried out in two episodes: at the M1 Stare Bielany station and at the M2 Stadion Narodowy station. During this time, the section of the M1 line between Plac Wilsona and Młociny stations will be completely closed to traffic, and the intersection of J. Kasprowicza and al. unification. In addition, the National Stadium station on the M2 line will be closed to passenger traffic – trains running between Bródno and Bemowo will pass through it without stopping. It is also possible to close the intersection of Zamoyskiego, Zamoście and Sokolej streets.

Replacement bus route and other changes. List

In Żoliborz and Bielany, a replacement bus line was launched FOR THE METRO on the route of Metro Młociny, Kasprowicza, al. Reymonta, Żeromskiego, Marymoncka, Słowackiego, pl. Wilson (for disembarking). In the direction of Młociny, buses will pick up passengers from the bus stop pl. Wilson, on Słowackiego Street.

In addition, additional, variant courses of tram line 2 will be launched on the route Winnica, Światowida, Trakt Nadwiślański, Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie Bridge, Marymoncka, Słowackiego, pl. Wilson.

During the closure of the intersection of Kasprowicza and al. Unions, buses 103, 156, 181 and 197 will be directed to detour routes.

Line 103 will go in both directions along the following streets: Jarzębskiego, Żeromskiego, Czekazyńskiego, Marymoncka. Line 156 in both directions along Trasa Toruńska, Żeromskiego, al. Reymont, Kasprowicz.

Line 181 only towards the end of pl. Wilson along the route: Pułkowa, Marymoncka, Podleśna. On the other hand, line 197 in both directions along the streets of Perzyńskiego, Czekazyńskiego and Podleśna.

In addition, buses 110, 132, 134, 326, 705, 735, starting routes on the Metro Marymont loop, will (only in the direction of Bielany and Białołęka) drive along Słowackiego Street to Plac Wilsona, to the nearest active metro station of the M1 line. Short courses of line 518 will also start at the square, from the stop pl. Wilsona 02 (at Słowackiego Street).

Buses 110, 132, 134, 326, 518, 705 and 735, going towards Bielany and Białołęka, will depart from the bus stop pl. Wilsona 06, at ul. Krasińskiego, behind Plac Wilsona.

During the closure of the station for passengers, buses 102, 125, 202 will run on an extended route to Dworzec Wileński, where you will be able to change to the M2 metro.

Lines 102, 125 and 202 along the route: Lubelska, Zamoyskiego, Targowa, Dw. Wileński, Targowa, 11 Listopada, Inżynierska, Wileńska, Targowa, Dw. Wileński, Targowa, Zamoyskiego, Lubelska.

If Zamoyskiego, Zamoście and Sokolej streets are closed to traffic, buses 135, 146 and 147 will use detour routes.

Line 135 through Zamoyskiego, Targowa, al. “Solidarity”.

Lines 146 and 147 towards Dw. Wschodni along the route: Francuska, al. Zieleniecka and Zamoyski. In the direction of Falenica and Stara Miłosna: Zamoyskiego, Targowa, turning circle at the level of Zamoyskiego Street, Targowa, al. Zieleniecka, French.

“During the difficulties on the M1 and M2 lines in the area of ​​the closed stations (Młociny, Wawrzyszew, Stare Bielany, Słodowiec, Marymont, National Stadium) and on Plac Wilsona, Warsaw Public Transport informants will be on duty. Traffic” – informed the Public Transport Authority.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl

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