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Warsaw. Difficulties on the Otwock line. Timetable changes

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From 8 to 11 June there are changes in the timetable. Trains from Warszawa Wschodnia will run to Warszawa Wawer station. From the Otwock direction, some trains will arrive at the Warszawa Falenica station.

Selected trains will run shuttles to and from Warsaw Radość. Replacement transport will be introduced for some trains. – Between June 8 and 11, the new tracks that were made during the investment will be switched and switched on. And the contractor will be able to start work on the second part of the railway line and modernize the old tracks, as well as start the reconstruction of the Warszawa Wawer stop, which will become more accessible to travelers – said Karol Jakubowski, spokesman for PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe on Thursday at the conference. .

On these days, SKM trains will run on the route S1 Warszawa Wawer (Warszawa Wschodnia) – Pruszków, S10 Warszawa Wawer – Warszawa Wschodnia, S11 Otwock – Warsaw Radość.

Selected trains will run shuttles to and from Warsaw Radość. Replacement transport will be introduced for some trains.

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– During this time, buses on line 521 between Falenica and Wiatraczna will run twice as often as in the normal timetable – informed the Public Transport Authority.

The traffic of Koleje Mazowieckie trains will be suspended, and on the section Warszawa Wawer – Warszawa Falenica, KM buses will run.

There will be 14 trains on the S1 line from Pruszków to Wawer, and two trains will end their run at the Warszawa Wschodnia station. In the opposite relation, 12 trains will go from Wawer to Pruszków, and three trains will start their run at the Warszawa Wschodnia station.

SKM S10 trains will run on the Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Wawer route. A total of 36 trains will run between these stations (lines S1 and S10) in both directions, with a frequency of approximately every 30 minutes.

On the route Warszawa Radość – Otwock (S11) there will be 34 trains in both directions, with a frequency of approximately every 30 minutes.

A new stage of work

On June 12, the next stage of the modernization of the railway line connecting Warszawa Wschodnia with Warsaw Wawer will begin. The tracks, Warszawa Gocławek and Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska stops will be modernized and a new Warszawa Grochów stop will be built. Work will continue on the Warszawa Wawer station and on the construction of 5 new underground passages.

– Then the trains will be restored to the railway line, they will travel on new tracks – line 506, which will make the Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska stop temporarily out of service, and at the Warszawa Wawer station, travelers will use a temporary platform – explained Karol Jakubowski.

Railwaymen appeal for travelers from the vicinity of Warsaw Olszynka Grochowska to use public transport for the time of modernization.

Project director Marcin Demidziuk said that during this time the contractor will be working on the platform of the Warszawa Wawer station, the suburban line tracks and further towards Warszawa Wschodnia on all facilities in this section. “We want to finish this work by the end of the year,” he added.

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Work began on line 506

The investment covers the section Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Wawer – lines 7 and 506. We started work with the modernization of line 506, which will continue to be used for long-distance traffic. However, for the purpose of carrying out the works, after the traffic has been postponed, a temporary platform will be launched at the tracks of line 506 at the Wawer station to be able to serve passengers and continue working with active double-track traffic – stressed Demidziuk.

The railway workers assured that the passage and the shelter at the Wawer station, which are entered in the municipal register of monuments, will be restored. The works are carried out in consultation with the conservator of monuments. The historical tiles that were in the passage were dismantled and cleaned. They will be reinstalled, with the description that they are historic tiles. The new tiles will also be such that they correspond to the historical ones.

As part of the investment, railwaymen will build 5 underground passages (two selected together with the district, as part of the liquidation of wild passages) and modernize one – at the Wawer station.

At the Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska stop, the platform will be reconstructed and the stop light will be renovated. There will be a dynamic passenger information system. The footbridge over the tracks will be reconstructed and equipped with lifts.

Between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warsaw Olszynka Grochowska there will be a new stop Warszawa Grochów near the hospital on ul. Shasseurs. An island platform with a shelter will be built. There will be a passenger information system.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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