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Warsaw. Drivers will now be able to enter Kondratowicza. Buses on fixed routes

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Kondratowicza Street in Warsaw’s Targówek district is undergoing a metamorphosis. Road builders announce that the works will be completed as planned in June, but from Saturday, April 24, drivers will be able to use the entire length of the revitalized road. The following buses will also be directed to their new, permanent routes: 112, 126, 169, 212 and N02.

Construction of the station M2 metro line under Kondratowicza Street it gave impetus to changes also on the surface. One of the most important thoroughfares of Targówek has undergone a fundamental metamorphosis. The changes affected not only the roadway, but also its surroundings. Thanks to this approach, Kondratowicz will turn into a “Avenue of a Thousand Trees”. Warsaw road builders are currently planting 491 trees along the street, which will join the approximately 200 planted as part of the construction of the subway and approximately 300 that grew here earlier. It will be complemented by shrubs and perennials, which will be over 100,000 in total.

Parking has been arranged along the road. With the safety of pedestrians in mind, traffic lights have been built at five crossings. The whole was completed by the installation of 282 modern lanterns with LED lighting.

Kondratowicza Street – visualization City hall

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Reconstruction of Kondratowicz. Recent works

All works on Kondratowicza Street will be completed as planned, i.e. before the holidays. Until then, the last fragments of the new pavement will be completed, the surface will be laid on further sections of the bicycle paths (which were built on both sides of the road), and all plants will be planted. Simultaneously with the finishing works, all shortcomings and defects reported by residents, which have arisen since the commencement of works, will also be repaired.

Until now, drivers could use both roadways of ul. Kondratowicz on the section from Chodecka to św. Wincentego and between Łabiszyńska and Chodecka towards the Bródnowski Hospital. In winter, road builders completed work on the last section of the northern line of the road.

On Saturday, April 24, after 15, the section between Chodecka and Łabiszyńska will also be opened to traffic – on the northern carriageway of the street. From now on, permanent traffic organization will be in force along the entire length of Kondratowicza Street.

Change of traffic organization

Making both carriageways of Kondratowicza Street available makes it possible to change the organization of traffic on ul. st. Vincent. As promised, next week the street will be open to traffic without any obstacles on weekends, and on working days the current restrictions will apply from 7 am to 7 pm. The exchange of signs will take several days.

st. Vincent – current restrictions Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

With the completion of road works, changes will be introduced in the operation of bus lines in this part of Targówek. Line lines will start running on their regular routes 112, 126, 169, 212 and N02.

Bus routes

From Saturday, April 22, from about 3 p.m., buses of the line 169 from st. Wincentego will start turning into Kondratowicza and going straight until ul. Łabiszyńska and then Łojewska, Chodecka to the Bródno-Podgrodzie terminus. The route towards Dworzec Wschodni will not change.

Line N02, from the start of operation on the night of April 22/23, towards Metro Młociny, between ul. Wincentego and Bazyliańska, they will run all the time straight along Kondratowicza Street. On the way to Marysin, the route will not change.

From Sunday, April 23, the routes of the next three lines are changed from the beginning of operation. Coaches 112, 126 and 212 going towards the loop of CH Marki and CH Targówek, they will go along Chodecka, straight on Kondratowicza and then św. Wincenty and Głębocka. Returning to Karolin, Tarchomin and pl. Hallera, buses will run as usual.

On Saturday afternoon, the operation of the Szpital Bródnowski 01 stop will be resumed, in the corrected location, in the bay at L. Kondratowicza Street, behind the intersection with Chodecka Street, in the direction of Łabiszyńska Street. On Sunday, the Metro Kondratowicza 06 stop will be launched – at ul. st. Wincenty, behind the intersection with ul. Kondratowicz in the direction of Głębocka. The temporary Metro Kondratowicza 56 stop will be closed. After all works are completed, new stops will also be launched at L. Kondratowicza Street, in the vicinity of Rohatyńska.

Main photo source: ZDM

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