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Warsaw. Drugs in an apartment in Praga-Północ. The police detained the owner

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The police intervened in an apartment in Praga Północ. They found marijuana, heroin, mephedrone, amphetamine and cocaine. The owner wanted to avoid inspection.

The police received information that drugs were to be stored in one of the apartments on Tarchomińska Street. They went to the site. When the woman they selected appeared on the staircase, they showed her their police IDs.

“The woman wanted to avoid the inspection and tried to quickly leave the building. The police prevented her from escaping. They entered her apartment with her. When asked if she had any legally prohibited substances, the 37-year-old admitted that she had drugs in the kitchen,” said police officer Paulina Onyszko. from the Prague police station.

They found drugs and scales in the apartment

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After searching the apartment, the police found various types of foil packaging, containers and bags containing various substances: dried plants, white, brown and yellow powder, and three electronic scales most likely used for portioning them. The woman’s task was to divide the funds into the so-called “dealer’s portions”, which were then to be sold in the district.

Criminal investigators also seized several thousand zlotys and a mobile phone in the apartment. Then they detained the 37-year-old woman and took her in handcuffs to the police station at Jagiellońska Street. The substances found in the apartment were handed over to a forensic technician. Their examination revealed that they included marijuana, heroin, mephedrone, amphetamine and cocaine.

She heard the accusation

“The Warsaw Praga Północ District Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation. The prosecutor charged the woman with possession of a significant amount of narcotic drugs and placed her under police supervision, obliging her to report to the police station at Jagiellońska Street twice a week. The 37-year-old faces a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.” – said comm. Paulina Onyszko.

Main photo source: KRP VI

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