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Warsaw. Drunk driver detained by an officer of the Prison Service

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He was concerned about the driving style of one of the drivers. An officer from the Remand Prison in Warsaw-Służewiec, Sgt. staff. Łukasz Wojsz stopped him, preventing further driving. It turned out that his suspicions were correct. The 41-year-old was drunk, he had 2.5 per mille of alcohol in his system.

An officer of the Służewiec unit, returning from duty in a private car, noticed on one of the streets in Warsaw that the driver of the vehicle in front of him was driving restlessly and making suspicious manoeuvres.

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Returning from duty, he noticed suspicious maneuvers

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– Suspecting that he might be intoxicated, after alerting the police, he blocked the way of the driver who started to run away. The officer gave chase. After overpowering the drunk, he handed him over to the police patrol, informs Lieutenant Agnieszka Tracz, spokeswoman for the Warsaw-Służewiec Remand Center. – The civic attitude of an officer of the Prison Service may have prevented the tragedy, because according to the information from the district police chief of Warsaw II, the driver’s sobriety test showed 2.5 per mille of alcohol in the detainee’s body. Thanks to his courage and quick reaction, our colleague contributed to stopping a dangerous road user, whose behavior could pose a threat to other road users – he adds.

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Due to the exemplary attitude, the District Police Commander of the Warsaw II Insp. Mariusz Kaszowicz wrote to the director of the Służewiec penitentiary unit, Major Nikodem Banaś, special thanks to Sgt. staff. Łukasz Wojsz. who works in the security department on a daily basis.

Returning from duty, he stopped a drunk driver – Prison ServicePrison Service

Main photo source: TVN24

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