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Warsaw. During work on Central Square, a bauble was found

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During work in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, where the Central Square is being built, an old Christmas bauble was found. The bauble was found in the remains of a pre-war tenement house. Earlier, fragments of pavement and old buildings were discovered.

“Archaeological excavations delight us with interesting objects time and time again. It was very nice of the investment to give us a special surprise in December,” the Municipal Roads Authority reported.

“In one of the basements that remained from the pre-war tenement houses, we found an object that was most likely an old Christmas bauble,” officials said.

Remains of tenement houses and floors

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This is not the first surprise during the construction of the square. In August, during works, fragments of pavement and old buildings were discovered, which was located there before the Palace of Culture and Science was built. What was surprising was the depth at which fragments of buildings were found – even two meters below the current ground level. As part of the construction of Central Square, the underground of the honorary tribune, which once served communist dignitaries, was also excavated. During the August works, on the former Złota Street, the contractor also uncovered the remains of tenement houses, the original basalt surface, tram tracks, and granite curbs. An old electrical switchboard was also found, located in the north-western part of the construction site, on the side of the honorary stand.

At the end of November, another discovery emerged from under the layer of earth. This the floor of one of the tenement housesprobably secondary, arranged provisionally after the war.

The finds are in each case examined by archaeologists.

Plan for Central Square

The construction of Central Square started in June. This is the central part of Plac Defilad on the axis of Złota Street. In front of the entrance to the Palace of Culture and Science – as announced by the Municipal Roads Authority – there will be less concrete and asphalt. There will be over 100 new trees, lawns and a low pond.

The construction of Central Square is consistent with the assumptions of the New Center of Warsaw program. According to the announcements of the mayor of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, the very center of the city will become a place worth coming to and spending time here.

The green, orderly and resident-friendly space is being created with respect for the city’s history. The irregular arrangement of sidewalks and greenery reproduces the network of ancient streets and the outline of buildings. After World War II, the remains of the tenement houses were demolished to make way for the Palace of Culture and Science.

There were tenement houses in the place of the Palace of Culture and Science

The palace and its surroundings were built on an area of ​​50 hectares between Aleje Jerozolimskie, Marszałkowska, Świętokrzyska and Emilii Plater. For this purpose, in the 1950s, numerous streets and the remains of 80 tenement houses were closed down. The part intended for the construction site includes fragments of the following streets: Chmielna, Złota, Sienna, Śliska, Pańska, Zielna and part of Marszałkowska. During the construction of the Palace, Wielka Street, running parallel to Marszałkowska, completely disappeared.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, this area was filled with tall Art Nouveau tenement houses, and the center of Warsaw was densely built-up. There were about 180 residential buildings there.

Main photo source: Municipal Roads Authority Warsaw/Facebook

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