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Warsaw. E-paper tram timetables. Where do they work?

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The Warsaw Trams are testing the first e-paper timetables in Poland. Tram drivers praise the new solution as energy-saving and passenger-friendly.

There are currently six e-paper timetables in the capital city. The first two were installed at stops at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The next ones were at Plac Zawiszy, at the Marymont metro station and at the Dworzec Gdański stop.

– Each of them consists of two parts – the first one is the timetable of tram lines with the hour and minute of departure of the next vehicle. It resembles an ordinary printed sheet that we have seen for years at bus stops. The second part contains dynamic information – in how many minutes the next tram will actually arrive and in what order – explained Maciej Dutkiewicz, spokesman for Warsaw Trams. – This information is refreshed every several seconds – he added.

How does electronic decomposition work?

Timetables using e-paper can be changed centrally, they are connected to the network. There is no need to visit stops, stick and replace previously printed cards, which takes time and involves many employees. The second part of the board, where the next tram departures are displayed in real time, is supplied with data from GPS.

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– Trams in Warsaw have a system that uses information from satellite transmitters located in trams. The system processes data and therefore it is possible to predict in how many minutes the tram will arrive at the stop. The system informs about the real time of arrival of the tram – said Dutkiewicz.

Just information, no ads

The e-paper technology, unlike ordinary monitors, consumes very little energy. The batteries allow you to work without power for up to seven days. Since they do not shine, they do not tire the eyesight. There are no advertisements in the new timetables, they are pure information. “And this is another advantage when we are constantly inundated with unnecessary content,” the spokesman said.

For several months, tram drivers will be checking how the displays themselves work. They will also verify with the Public Transport Authority what is changed by the abandonment of traditional schedules, and how it affects the finances and the way employees work.

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Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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