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Warsaw. E-scooters on new rules. There will be new parking zones and restrictions. There is an agreement with the operators

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Special zones for parking electric scooters and places where the speed limit will be lower than that specified in the law will be created in the capital. You will have to drive slower, among others, on the Royal Route and the Vistula Boulevards. The city has just signed an agreement with five operators who make their equipment available on the streets of Warsaw.

Electric scooters quickly gained popularity and with it there were also numerous problems. The main problem of cities has become the abandonment of equipment in random places, often in a way that makes it difficult for others to navigate on sidewalks or bicycle paths. The lack of appropriate legal regulations that define what an e-scooter is and what rules apply to its users on the road has also become a problem.

The breakthrough came in May this year. Regulations have entered into force specifying, among other things, where and who can use scooterswhere should vehicles rented for minutes be left, or at what speed should you move. From the beginning of November, the ordinance regulating the technical conditions and equipment for these vehicles is also in force.

The capital city hall explains that thanks to changes in the law, local governments have gained the opportunity to organize the rules for moving e-scooters around the city. For several months there were talks with e-scooter operators – Bolt, Dott, Lime, Blinkie and Tier. Their effect is an agreement that has just been signed.

Officials announce that the rules contained in it are a pilot. “In order to be able to observe and analyze the effectiveness of individual rules, data is necessary. Operators will provide the city with some data on journeys and rentals as well as other statistics that may facilitate the planning of parking networks or infrastructure for e-scooters” – informs the town hall. A joint information campaign is also planned.

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A network of parking lots for e-scooters

One of the key issues regulated in the agreement is parking. The new regulations from May say that the electric scooter can be parked only in designated areas, and when they are not there – on the sidewalk, parallel to its outer edge. To solve the problem of the availability of parking spaces for e-scooters, Warsaw road builders mark several thousand city bicycle stands. Stickers will appear on them, indicating that this is a designated parking area for bicycles and e-scooters.

“In this way, the city will quickly gain a dense network of several thousand parking lots, available almost on every corner, thus limiting the number of devices parked in random places. The stand also guarantees that the scooter will not tip over, which was the bane of many parts of the city” – he explains capital city hall.

A new feature will also be a network of parking zones for e-scooters from the rental company. The City Hall announces that this solution is currently being prepared. Users of mobile applications for renting vehicles per minute will see new zones in them marked on the city map. The costs of designating and using the zones are to be covered by the operators.

“Thanks to the prepared network of parking lots, operators will deliver e-scooters only to designated places. Users will also be encouraged to use such places and not leave the vehicle on the pavement. E-scooters will no longer be abandoned anywhere, in a dangerous way.” for others “- announces the town hall.

Failure to comply with the parking rules may result in a fine from the municipal police. Vehicles left in illegal places are removed at the owner’s expense – for PLN 123. Over the past six months, approximately two thousand such devices have been removed as part of the joint actions of the city guard and the Municipal Roads Authority.

Closed zones for e-scooters and places to slow down

According to the agreement, e-scooter operators are to block the possibility of exceeding the speed limit. Currently, it is a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour. An additional change in Warsaw will be the designation of zones where, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, the speed will be limited to 12 km / h.

We will go slower on the e-scooter on Krakowskie Przedmieście and Nowy Świat, while these streets are a promenade, on Chmielna in the section where cars are not allowed, and on the Vistula Boulevards, in the section without a designated road for bicycles.

The City Hall also reminds that nowadays e-scooters are subject to similar rules as bikes. This means that certain places must not be entered. The ban applies to the Old Town, where the movement of such vehicles is dangerous due to the high concentration of pedestrians. It is also not allowed to enter the Royal Łazienki Park and the Krasiński Garden. “The operators are committed to limiting access to these areas as much as possible,” officials emphasize.

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