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Warsaw. Earnings at the town hall. Civil servants will earn more

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City Hall employees can start the holidays in better spirits. They will earn more next year. The office director will be able to count on up to PLN 18,000. An electrician will not receive less than PLN 4,000.

The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, signed an ordinance regarding the Regulations on the remuneration of employees of the Warsaw City Hall. This means higher salaries for city hall employees.

Employees employed at the town hall are divided into three groups. The first one covers managerial official positions. The secretary of Warsaw will earn from PLN 15,000 to over PLN 19,000. The deputy treasurer will receive from PLN 13,600 to PLN 18,880. Surveyor from PLN 12,900 to over PLN 18,100. The salary of the municipal consumer ombudsman will be in the range of PLN 10,800-15,900.

The head of a department in an office or delegation earned between PLN 8,500 and PLN 15,000. According to “Gazeta Stołeczna”, so far people in this position could count on an income ranging from PLN 5,300 to PLN 13,600. The salaries of office directors will increase from PLN 6,400-16,500 to PLN 10,800-18,150. “And the earnings of the city secretary, whose role is similar to that of the vice president, will increase from the current wide range of PLN 8,900-18,00 to a narrower range of PLN 15-19,800,” Gazeta Stołeczna reported.

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Pay raises for officials

The second group of city hall employees holds clerical positions. Among them are legal advisors who will be able to count on remuneration ranging from PLN 6,600 to PLN 11,250. As reported by “Stołeczna”, so far their salary amounted to PLN 4,400-10,500.

A senior inspector will earn from PLN 6,300 to PLN 10,770, and a sub-inspector will earn PLN 5,500-9,800. The specialist will receive a salary in the range of PLN 5,000-8,700, and the clerk will receive PLN 4,800-8,100.

“So far, a junior clerk with the shortest experience could count on earnings between PLN 3,520 and PLN 5,830 a month. Now he will receive between PLN 4,400 and PLN 6,660,” reported “Stołeczna.”

How much will a driver and a messenger earn?

The third group are auxiliary and service positions. A senior emergency operator will earn between PLN 5,000-9,800, a psychologist can expect a similar salary. The consultant will receive a salary in the range of PLN 4,600-8,100. Head of the main office from PLN 4,300 to PLN 5,700, a senior telephone operator, senior operator of electronic screen monitors or workshop manager have the same salary.

An electrician will earn slightly less, his salary is PLN 4,300-5,600. The same earnings also apply to: a passenger car driver, a senior warehouse worker and a telephone operator. The intendant will receive a salary of PLN 4,250-5,530, just like a clerk, junior clerk, maintenance worker, technical controller, warehouseman, administrative assistant, craftsman or secretary.

A messenger earns the least, from PLN 4,250 to PLN 5,000. This salary range also includes a photocopier, a duplicator operator, a laborer and a cleaner. According to “Gazeta Stołeczna”, so far the salaries of cleaners ranged from PLN 3,310 to PLN 4,160 per month.

The minimum wage has increased

Why did the city hall introduce price increases? As Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the Warsaw City Hall, told “Gazeta Stołeczna”, the increases result from the amendment to the regulation of the Council of Ministers on the remuneration of local government employees of May 22, 2023. – The second reason is the government’s increase in the minimum wage – this is the reason for such large increases (in percentage terms) will be given to the lowest-earning employees of the Warsaw City Hall, she added.

– The increases considered in 2024 will concern base salary. The target amount will depend on the assessment of the employee’s work and his involvement in the assigned tasks, Beuth explained to Gazeta Stołeczna.

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