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Warsaw. Educational exercises “Safe holidays by the water”

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Educational exercises “Safe holidays by the water” were held in Port Praski. The observers were children and youth from Prague schools. Participants learned about the risks associated with water, they also watched the demonstration part, during which a simulated accident took place.

The exercises were organized by officers from the River Police Station and firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Unit No. 1 and 5, the Warsaw City Guard and rescuers from the Warsaw Water Volunteer Rescue Service.

A fake accident

The exercises were watched by Tomasz Zieliński, a tvnwarszawa.pl reporter. – It was a meeting combined with a presentation of water rescue. It is about prevention and showing children and young people what threats they face during the upcoming holidays. It’s about knowing how to behave, who to notify if you see an accident on the water, the reporter said.

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In the demonstration part, an accident on the water was simulated. – Three people on a boat with oars were sailing in Port Praski. One of them pretended to be intoxicated, rocked on the boat, performed strange maneuvers and finally fell into the water. Two other people tried to stay on the boat but they also failed. The police and fire brigade were notified. The people were picked up by the authorities. One of them was under water, so the fire divers came and went under the water. Then all people were taken under the care of the ambulance service – Zieliński reported the course of the simulated exercises.

Equipment used by rescue services on the water was also exhibited during the event. Participants could also see police motorcycles.

How to rest safely by the water?

Officers and lifeguards remind you that if you plan to sunbathe on the beach, it is worth choosing a place where it will be possible and, above all, safe to swim. Therefore, the best choice are beaches guarded by lifeguards. We can then count on instant help, if required, and on the control of the entire bathing area, as well as the water in which we will bathe.

Overheating, excess of harmful radiation, thermal shock, dehydration, stings or insect bites can also be dangerous. “We should protect ourselves in the appropriate way for all of the above situations” – officers from the River Police Station recall in the communiqué.

“If, on the other hand, we are amateurs of swimming on vessels, often rented, let us remember to look carefully at the equipment that will take us to the water. We should also be equipped with life jackets by the rental company” – remind the uniforms.

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The largest workshops for firefighters in Poland Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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