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Warsaw. Elevators, wide stops, more greenery. The reconstruction of Plac Na Rozdrożu has begun

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The authorities of Warsaw have announced the start of a general reconstruction of Plac Na Rozdrożu. Elevators will be installed, new pedestrian crossings, bicycle paths and convenient bus stops will be built. Completion of the works is planned for next year.

– A city accessible to all is one of the priorities of my presidency. That is why I want Plac Na Rozdrożu to be more accessible for parents with prams, the elderly and everyone who uses public transport, but also for pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, in a year’s time this place will change dramatically – there will be lifts to Trasa Łazienkowska, and bicycle paths and bus stops will be widened. New pedestrian crossings will also be built, there will be more greenery – said the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, during the press conference on Friday.

Plac Na Rozdrożu is a historic area that was established in the 18th century as part of the Stanisławowska Axis. In the 20th century, the square underwent a number of changes in connection with the construction of the Łazienkowska Route. Since then, the central part of the square has two levels, with a city artery running under its slab in a tunnel. However, not all solutions have survived the test of time – the lack of elevators from Trasa Łazienkowska to the level of the square makes this place practically inaccessible to the elderly, in wheelchairs and with prams.

At the conference, Trzaskowski was accompanied by Aleksandra Gajewska, MP and chairwoman of the parliamentary team for Warsaw (KO). – Together with district councilors and social activists, we have been striving for an accessible route many years ago. We wanted it to be a comprehensive reconstruction – taking into account all 11 transfer nodes in the vicinity of Plac Na Rozdrożu – she added. – We applied to eliminate the local architectural barriers that made this place inaccessible to people with disabilities. Thanks to the changes, we will regain this square for them. Soon, thanks to the determination and social sensitivity of local government officials, councilors and city authorities, this place, so beautifully situated – close to the parks and monuments liked by the residents of the capital – will be available to everyone – noted MP Gajewska.

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How will Plac Na Rozdrożu change?jakubdybalski/twitter.com

Elevators, widened stops and above-ground pedestrian crossings

The Town Hall noted that the reconstruction of Plac Na Rozdrożu respects its historical layer. It was preceded by public consultations and arrangements with the conservator of monuments. The investment will also have archaeological supervision.

Elevators will be installed on the square, which will connect the upper and lower levels of the square. They will lead straight to bus stops along Trasa Łazienkowska, which are currently accessible only by long stairs, which will also be renovated. Bus stops will be reconstructed, widened and equipped with more seats and a higher, profiled curb, which will make boarding the bus easier. There will also be more greenery at the ends of the stops.

Two new above-ground pedestrian crossings will be designated – on the western side of Aleje Ujazdowskie (through the entrance to Koszykowa Street) and in the axis of Aleja Wyzwolenia. Existing underground passages will be filled in.

There will be a monument to the Battle of Warsaw in 1920

Simultaneously with the reconstruction of Plac Na Rozdrożu, the announced monument to the Battle of Warsaw 1920 will be built. The monument is being built as part of the government program “Niepodległa” – based on an agreement with the authorities of Warsaw. Both investments are to be implemented at the same time.

Works at Na Rozdrożu Square are being carried out by Strabag, and the modernization cost will amount to PLN 26.4 million. The end of the works is planned for 2024. The investment will be co-financed under the Government Road Development Fund.

Renovation works will not cause significant difficulties on the square and Trasa Łazienkowska – changes in the organization of traffic will be introduced only on short sections of the road or sidewalks.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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