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Warsaw. Elizeum will undergo renovation, there is a building permit

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There is a building permit that allows for the announcement of a tender for a contractor to renovate the Elizeum, the underground salon of Prince Kazimierz Poniatowski. – The renovation will be neither short nor easy. It will last three years, announced the capital's conservator of monuments, Michał Krasucki.

The building permit was issued on the basis of the architectural and construction project entitled: “Necessary renovation, construction, construction and security works, waterproofing, full repair works from the outside – stage 1”. The Capital City Development Authority, which will also prepare documents for the tender, will be responsible for the implementation of the investment.

First, they will dry the monument

The conservator said that this was the first and most important stage of securing the building, which involved isolating the facility and cutting it off from the constant inflow of water. “Two phases of the procedure have been distinguished: the first phase is the slow drying of the monument and the protection of the facility against rainwater with a membrane from above. The second phase is work related to insulation,” he announced in the release.

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For technical reasons, it is only possible to excavate the structure in sections. A temporary roof will be constructed over the entire area. “After the walls are repaired, new insulation will be installed and drainage will be made. Importantly, the historical clay insulation will be recreated,” Krasucki explained.

The renovation will be financed from the subsidy of the “Government Program for the Reconstruction of Monuments”.

The king's brother's underground salon

Elizeum was designed by the outstanding architect Szymon B. Zug, as underground salon of Prince Kazimierz Poniatowski (the king's brother) in the Na Książęcy park (currently the Rydz Śmigły park at Książęca Street). The interior of the cave was once richly decorated with frescoes, columns, sculptures and stucco. However, according to the conservator, as a result of improper use of the building after the prince's death in 1800 and many neglects, the interior was significantly damaged. Over the last two hundred years, due to the overgrowth of trees and shrubs, the clay insulation layer covering the cave from the outside was almost completely destroyed. This ultimately led to the destruction of the historic decoration.

The brick building in the form of an underground rotunda is closed by four semicircular niches. The hall covered with a dome is surrounded by higher corridors covered with a barrel vault. Daylight came through a round hole in the dome, and the room was also illuminated with candles and lamps. A door located in the massif of the slope leads inside. In its heyday, the room was heated by a fireplace in winter, and an underground corridor connected it with the so-called The Imam's house, where there was a kitchen.

Social meetings of Prince Casimir, known for his lavish lifestyle, were probably held in the Elizeum. The guests were entertained by musicians hidden in the upper corridor, which provided good acoustics. According to some accounts, the Eliseum was also supposed to be a place for trysts and even meetings of the Masonic lodge.

As we have already informed on tvnwarszawa.pl, the paintings inside are in poor technical condition.

Main photo source: The capital's conservator of monuments

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