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Warsaw. Elk Mud. He wanted to build a “covid” estate in the reserve buffer zone. He heard the accusations

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The accusations of causing significant damage to the plant and animal world were heard by Marian O., the president of the company, which started the construction of a housing estate in the buffer zone of Kampinos and the Łosiowe Błota reserve. He faces up to two years in prison.

A spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, Prosecutor Aleksandra Skrzyniarz said that in the investigation into the destruction of the flora and fauna in the buffer zone of the Kampinos National Park and the Łosiowe Błota nature reserve, it was established that in the period from 8 to 18 September 2020 Marian O. acting against the provisions of a number of legal acts in force, it started the construction of 15 single-family buildings.

– The evidence gathered in the case shows that, as part of this investment, self-seeding and tree stands were cleared, which resulted in the complete removal and destruction of vegetation, removal of trees, destruction of bird breeding grounds and habitats of at least 10 protected species, as well as the destruction of the European beaver dam – she said spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

“Material damage has been done”

Investigators also established that earthworks were carried out on the construction site and new structures were erected, and the area was fenced with a fence, thus preventing the migration of animals. – As a result of the indicated actions, significant damage was caused and the natural value of the area in question was significantly reduced, “she said.

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At the beginning of December, Marian O., the president of the company that built the housing estate in the buffer zone of Kampinos and the Łosiowe Błota reserve, heard in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw charges of causing significant damage to the plant and animal world. – The suspect did not admit to committing the alleged offense, as well as refused to provide explanations in the case – she said.


For the alleged act, he is facing a fine, imprisonment and up to two years in prison.

– In the case of the investment, non-criminal actions were taken by the regional prosecutor in Warsaw – Jakub Romelczyk, who, on September 11, 2020, applied to the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector for the West Warsaw Poviat to initiate administrative proceedings and suspend the works carried out by the investor – informed the spokesman of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw Marcin Saduś. – As a result of the above, the authority suspended the construction by a decision of September 18, 2020 – added prosecutor Saduś.

Construction of a housing estate in the buffer zone of the reserve

Goes for the construction of a former military base in the Bemowski Forest on a 20-hectare site. The Poviat Building Supervision Inspector issued a decision suspending construction works related to the construction of an estate in the buffer zone of the Łosiowe Błota reserve – according to the PINB letter to the head of the Stare Babice commune, Sławomir Sumka.

In turn, the investor informed that he intended to build houses there for people who are quarantined in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. He referred to the fact that “the legal regulations contained in the so-called anti-covid shield made it possible to implement investments related to combating the pandemic and its consequences in a fast and as less bureaucratic manner as possible”. This provision allowed for the construction of facilities related to the fight against the pandemic without the need to adhere to, inter alia, construction law.

The mayor of Stare Babice, Sławomir Sumka, who notified the prosecutor’s office, pointed out that according to documents – which were created in recent years in the Stare Babice commune – this plot should be a forest, not a place for residents to settle.

As the mayor of Stare Babice pointed out, “an ecological corridor leading animals from the Bemowo forest to the Kampinos Forest” runs through the plot on which the investor plans to build a housing estate.

– All documents, all rights created by the developer violate the essence of this place. Since 2008, there has been a constant struggle to make this area a green place for animals, and not a built-up area, said Sumka. He also appealed not to use anti-covid laws to circumvent the law.

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