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Warsaw. Elon Musk commented on Rafał Trzaskowski's order

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The owner of the X platform, Elon Musk, spoke on President Rafał Trzaskowski's ordinance on equal treatment standards at the capital city hall. He said it was “copying stupid things from America.”

It started with an entry on the X platform (formerly Twitter) by the Malaysian right-wing commentator and influencer Ian Miles Cheong, who posted a fragment of an article by the British organization Free Speech Union. The text concerns the ordinance of the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, introducing standards of equal treatment in the capital city hall. Cheong published only excerpts from the whole. The one who appeared in the post talks about limiting religious freedom in the capital city hall, which is untrue, and that officials “are now obliged to respect the pronouns preferred by the person they are dealing with.” The influencer captioned the screenshots: “Poland is extremely excited.”

Elon Musk, a controversial entrepreneur, co-founder and president of Tesla, owner of the X platform, reacted to the entry. “They shamelessly copy stupid things from America. What a shame,” Musk wrote.

What does Rafał Trzaskowski's order concern?

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The order of the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, is an internal document of the city hall and applies to people working in the city hall. “These standards will strengthen efforts to promote equal opportunities and equal access to city services and resources for all residents of Warsaw,” we read in the president's order of May 8, 2024. The document mentions, among other things, the use of inclusive language, sensitivity to people with disabilities and not displaying religious symbols on desks and walls. And it is this last provision that aroused the greatest controversy, especially among right-wing politicians and commentators supporting them.

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