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Warsaw. Employee of the cultural center in Rembertów brutally beaten in the center, died

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A long-time employee of a community center in Warsaw's Rembertów has died. He was brutally beaten in front of a shopping center in the center of the capital. The man was resuscitated and taken to hospital, where he died. The suspect was arrested.

Information about the death of Witold Wójtowicz was provided by the “Rembertów” Cultural Center.

“It is with deep sorrow and pain in our hearts that we received the news of the tragic death of our colleague Witold Wójtowicz, an artist, musician, a wonderful man, a dear friend, a long-time employee of the community center, a well-known and beloved entertainer of Rembertów dances” – it was written. “Always smiling and cheerful, he brought joy to us and the residents of Rembertów. He will remain in our memory forever” – it was added.

“A dozen or so blows to the head”

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The investigation into the case is being conducted by the District Prosecutor's Office of Warsaw Śródmieście-Północ in Warsaw. It is currently in the preparatory phase.

As Piotr Skiba, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, informed us, an investigation is being conducted against Sylwester A. “The suspect of hitting Witold Wójtowicz in the head several times on June 27, 2024 at 41 Emilii Plater Street in Warsaw, which caused serious damage to health in the form of sudden cardiac arrest, which is a life-threatening disease. As a result, the injured party died,” Piotr Skiba informed us.

This is an act described in Article 156, paragraph 1 of the Penal Code (points 2 and 3), which states that causing serious bodily harm may result in imprisonment for at least five years or even life if it results in a person's death.

Investigators determined that Mr. Witold appeared in the area of ​​the Złote Tarasy shopping center, where volunteers distribute meals to those in need. “On the day of the incident, both the injured party and the suspect arrived (…) to receive a meal distributed by volunteers for the poor. The injured party was not homeless, he lived on a pension. The suspect had been living on the street for several years,” described prosecutor Skiba.

The perpetrator and the injured party did not know each other. A significant queue formed for the meals being served. “At some point, an argument broke out between the perpetrator and the injured party, the reason for which was that the injured party pointed out to the suspect that he had pushed himself in front of him in the queue. The suspect attacked the injured party, striking him in the head several times. At some point, the injured party fell to the ground and lost consciousness,” the prosecutor said.

Resuscitation. The beaten man died in hospital

The police and an ambulance team were called to the scene, which took over resuscitation and then transported the beaten man to hospital.

“At the scene, witnesses identified the perpetrator standing in the crowd, who was detained by police officers. The injured party died the same day due to sudden cardiac arrest. The suspect was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the act,” the spokesman said.

The prosecutor requested the District Court for Warsaw Śródmieście to apply the arrest against the suspect. The court accepted the prosecutor's request and applied the temporary arrest for a period of three months.

Next, it is planned to conduct an autopsy of the victim and obtain a forensic medical opinion.

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Main image source: TVN Archive

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