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Warsaw. Empty parking spaces after the introduction of SPPN in Ochota and Żoliborz

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Local activists praise the effects of introducing a paid parking zone in Żoliborz and Ochota. In their opinion, they are spectacular: the parking spaces are deserted. – It seems that the SPPN is working – it affects the behavior of drivers so much that on most streets there is no problem with finding a parking space – admits the spokesman of the Municipal Roads Authority.

From Monday, November 15, the paid parking zone covered Żoliborz and the rest of Ochota. In these two districts, 14,500 parking spaces have been created in a paid zone. From the first day of its introduction, the changes have been praised by local activists.

“Ochota ceases to be a free Park & ​​Ride car park – it’s easier to find a parking space! Today is the first day of the Paid Parking Zone in the entire Ochota district. The effects are already visible: parking spaces on the streets are deserted. Drivers can easily find a parking space by driving to the store, This applies to the vast majority of streets where the SPPN has been introduced. This means that one of the objectives of introducing the Zone, ie increasing the rotation of places, may be achieved “- noted the Ochocianie Sąsiedzi association.

According to activists, this is mainly due to the fact that with the introduction of fees, it ceased to be profitable for visitors to treat Ochota as “free, often interchangeable parking on the way to work”.


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Members of the Żoliborzan Association expressed a similar opinion. “The first effects – the spectacular streets of Żoliborz look like in the middle of holidays or during Christmas! At 8 am there were so many free parking spaces that you don’t know what to do with them – maybe you can turn some back into lawns, plant trees?” – we read in the post on the profile of Plac Wilsona.

They also anticipated negative comments: “Yes, we know that it will be full in the evening again, but you can see that the zone is working and with the right amount of control it will work.”

The changes were also positively expressed by the association Miasto Jest Nasz: “The Unguarded Paid Parking Zone entered Żoliborz and Ochota and you can breathe better immediately. Pedestrians have gained more space on the sidewalks, the traffic has visibly decreased, the roads are safer, and also much easier to find. a place to park “- activists enumerated.

They hope that the expansion of the zone in other districts will proceed without delay, so that “residents of other districts can also enjoy better public space, less noise and cleaner air!”

ZDM: the zone is operational

We asked Jakub Dybalski, spokesman of the Municipal Roads Authority, to summarize the first days of the paid parking zone in Ochota and Żoliborz. – After the first few days, it seems that the SPPN in Żoliborz and Ochota is working. In the sense that it influences the behavior of drivers so much that on most streets there is no problem with finding a parking space, and that’s it. The zone, through fees, is to ensure rotation of parking spaces and thus facilitate parking, and thanks to subscriptions, allow parking for residents free of charge. The numerous entries in social media show that this is what is happening – Dybalski admitted in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl

He noted that road workers are constantly checking the situation and how it will change: – We still estimate that not all residents entitled to subscriptions have applied for such a relief. So far, we have issued about 10,000 of them, so probably a few thousand people in both districts may be entitled to them.

– So far, the first days indicate that the few, but loud voices prophesying “parking armageddon”, because we are taking parking places by delimiting the zone, completely missed the reality. Parking is much easier than last week – he concluded.

Not everyone liked the changes

In this way, Dybalski referred to the negative comments that appeared before the introduction of the paid parking zone in both districts. Some residents did not like the changes. They demanded, inter alia, the abandonment of the reduction of the number of parking spaces, extension of the registration area used to designate parking zones from the current radius of 150 meters to 300 meters, and improvement of the information policy of the ZDM. Some councilors and district authorities also called for talks on the SPPN.

The residents and local government officials from Ochota did not like the change of the parking method from oblique to parallel, which – in their opinion – takes up many parking spaces. Officials explained the change by the fact that in most cases in narrow streets there is no room for a full-size oblique place. – Until now, cars parked in this way often de facto drove onto the pavement. It was neither safe nor compliant with the regulations, said Jakub Dybalski to the Polish Press Agency.

Another problem was the change in traffic organization on the district streets, which in many cases have now become one-way. – The purpose of changes in the traffic organization is to increase the number of legal parking spaces. In addition, in many local streets, parking will be partially or fully transferred to the road, freeing up space on footpaths for pedestrians – replied the Municipal Roads Authority.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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