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Warsaw. Entrance to Pięć Rogów square. Who is entitled to an NC ID

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Only cars with NC ID badges may enter the Pięć Rogów square. Road workers have for some time been inundated with questions from residents unsure whether they have the right to obtain it. As they explain, a necessary condition is to have a parking space.

After the reconstruction of Pięć Rogów square Circular traffic was kept to a minimum. In addition to city buses, only drivers with an NC badge can enter there. However, not everyone knows that in order to get it, you need a legal parking space. Therefore, the number of people who are entitled to them is not great.

– For a week now, we have received several dozen phone calls from people who are asking if they are entitled to an ID. The thing is that many people do not know, but they are not entitled to this ID – said Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for the Municipal Roads Authority. – To get such an ID, you must be a resident or run a business in the area of ​​Pięć Rogów Square, but you must also have a parking space to which the person wants to reach – he explained. He reminded that the area of ​​the square is a no-traffic zone.

– This is a specific, closed group of people who are entitled to this ID, but they must have a place to park – said Dybalski. This requirement is to prevent the square from being “pathoparked”, as is the case, for example, on Chmielna Street, where cars are parked on the promenade.

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They only released a few IDs

The application for the issuance of the NC identifier should be submitted to the ZDM. The spokesman for road workers noted that there are no problems with issuing them. – We are able to issue such an ID “on the spot”. Everyone who is entitled to receive such an ID – he emphasized.

The spokesman also reassured that none of the residents who applied for a fine will not be issued. Let us remind you that from the moment the square is opened, the situation is being guarded by the municipal police, because many drivers did not comply with the new traffic organization. – If someone submits an application and he does not have this ID formally, but we know that he applied and that he is entitled to this ID, he will definitely not get a mandate – Dybalski assured.

In the first week of the opening of Pięć Rogów Square, ZDM issued four ID cards, and two are ready for issue.

Where is the zone of the NC identifier valid?

The area of ​​operation of the identifier covers the following streets: Szpitalna (on the section Przeskok – Chmielna; properties on the odd side from the beginning to number 5 inclusive and on the even side from the beginning to number 6 inclusive), Chmielna (on the section Bracka – Nowy Świat; properties on the odd side from from the beginning to number 15 inclusive and on the even side from the beginning to number 20 inclusive) and Bracka (on the section Chmielna – Krucza; properties number 22 and 25).

The one who enters the Five Horns Square is to be guarded by cameras. Their task will be to scan license plates at the entrance to the square. After comparing with the registration of ID card holders, photos of cars that are not eligible for entry will be sent to the police.

Main photo source: ZDM

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