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Warsaw. Epiphany Procession 2024. Route, starting time, attractions

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On Saturday, January 6, the Three Kings’ Processions will march through the streets of 800 Polish cities. This year, the events are accompanied by the slogan “It lies in the nativity play!”. In Warsaw, the journey of Mary and Joseph will start from the Copernicus monument.

This year, processions will be organized in 800 cities in the country and several abroad. They will set out in the USA (Niles), in Germany (Munich and Neviges), in France (Lissieu), as well as in Africa in Nyakinama in Rwanda, in Burhynyi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Esseng in Cameroon, in Zambia in Lusaka and in the city of Mansa .

A slogan from a 17th-century Christmas carol

The motto of this year’s event are the words “In the nativity play!”, taken from the 17th century carol “New Year’s Eve”. They refer to the 800th anniversary of the first nativity plays arranged by Saint. Francis of Assisi, which took place in Greccio, Italy. In those times, the manger was called jasło.

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“Let the image of three rulers kneeling in unison before the manger become a message for today’s world, let it bring joy and hope where it is lacking,” appealed President Andrzej Duda and his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda in a letter to the participants of the Epiphany Processions 2024. He noted that “this testimony becomes particularly powerful in the face of contemporary wars and conflicts.”

Processions of the Three Kings will march through the streets of Polish citiestvn24

Procession in Warsaw

In Warsaw, this year the stable will be located on Castle Square.

The whole event will begin with the journey of pregnant Mary and Joseph, who, in accordance with the Gospel truths, went to Bethlehem to be registered during the population census ordered by Caesar Augustus. They will set off from the Copernicus monument on Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw, on their way to the stable at Castle Square, where they will arrive at 12.20.

At the Copernicus monument there will also be a welcome of monarchs from Asia, Africa and Europe, a drill of knights and warriors, and a rehearsal of the procession’s shouts. In addition to the ladies and knights, two Asian dragons, plush camels, carolers and shepherds will also be preparing for the journey. They will be attacked by devilish hordes seeking to deceive those traveling from the road to Bethlehem. At the head of the procession will be a star with a star, followed by carolers with a cheerful turon, then little shepherds and angels.

On the route of the march we will see an inn that did not accept the pregnant Mary and Joseph, the court of Herod, the king who could not bear the news about the newborn king of the Jews. Along the way, you will be able to hear Polish Christmas carols.

Before On the 13th, the procession will reach Castle Square. The culmination of the event will be the worship of the three kings and the offering of Gospel gifts.

The kings represent peoples on three continents, so they will sing carols to Jesus in their native languages, and then they will bow down, recognizing Jesus as King and Savior, as the High Priest, offering Him myrrh – a sign of suffering and a symbol of prophecy, incense – a sign of prayer and a symbol of priesthood, and gold – a gift of a pure heart and a symbol of the royal mission.

Dragons, Roman legion and camels

In the capital, the Asian procession will be accompanied by two dancing dragons. The Roman legion will march with the European procession, while in front of the African procession we will see a caravan of plush camels. Behind the courtiers, knights and warriors will be a royal vehicle with Casper XVI, king of Europe, Melchior XVI, king of Asia, and Balthazar XVI, king of Africa.

After paying tribute to the Newborn Jesus, those present in the square will dance a polonaise to the melody of the carol “God is Born”. Then a joint Christmas caroling is planned.

This year’s procession is accompanied by art, poetry and nativity scene competitions.

This year, the organizers plan to support the first children’s hospice in Lithuania named after Blessed Father Michał Sopoćko, led by Polish sister Michaela Rak. This place is called “The Bridge to Heaven” or “Bethlehem of Mercy”.

The Orszak Trzech Króli Foundation also encourages you to take part in the nativity play challenge of the procession, which involves taking a family photo in nativity costumes, posting it on social media and nominating other people to join in the fun.

Main photo source: tvn24

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