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Warsaw. Excavations in Tamka on bicycle lanes, leaking gas pipeline

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For at least several days, Tamka has been plagued by huge holes in the road. Obstacles are located on bicycle lanes, so cyclists must move onto the road. Gas workers are working on site, or at least they should be, because – as residents note – there is no progress in the works.

Tamka Street, about 50 meters behind Kopernika Street. For at least several days, a huge hole in the road with exposed gas pipes has been visible. All on a popular and narrow bicycle lane. Cyclists must move onto the road to avoid the fence. It's neither comfortable nor safe. Drivers, including city bus drivers, must slow down. A little further, on the other side of the street, also on the bicycle lane – another hole. There are no workers in sight on either side.

tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Olek Klekocki talked to local residents. – One gentleman complained that the work there had been going on for a very long time, and an employee of the catering establishment said that it had started last week. I didn't see any workers nearby, our reporter reported on Monday afternoon.

They are replacing the gas pipeline

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We ask the gas workers what happened and why the results of the work are not visible.

– The gas pipeline leaked, so it was necessary to take immediate action to eliminate the leak. Due to the above, several excavations were carried out to secure the failure sites. On June 22, based on the analysis of the inspection results, a decision was made to replace the over 250-meter section of the gas pipeline – explains Grzegorz Cendrowski, spokesman for Polska Spółka Gazownictwa.

He adds that “preparatory activities are currently underway.” – Completion of all works, including temporary surface restoration, is planned for the first weekend of July. Milling of the asphalt and laying of the new surface will be carried out after agreeing the details with ZDM Warszawa – announces Cendrowski. It ensures that work related to the replacement of the gas pipeline does not pose a threat to the safety of local residents.

Main photo source: Olek Klekocki / tvnwarszawa.pl

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