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Warsaw. Exchange of asphalt at the Żaba roundabout. Difficulties: drivers and city buses will take detours

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The capital city’s road builders are continuing their work at the Żaba roundabout, and will replace the surface at the weekend as part of the second stage of renovation. During it, the north-eastern part of the intersection will be excluded from traffic. The drivers will take detours. The passengers of city buses must also take into account the changes.

“We are continuing the replacement of the surface at the Żaba roundabout. This weekend we will lay a new asphalt on its north-eastern part” – reminded the Municipal Roads Authority on its Facebook.

The works are scheduled to start on Friday, August 6, around 10 p.m. According to road workers, the northern part of the roundabout with the intersections of 11 Listopada and św. Wincentego, as well as a fragment of the road of Odrowąża Street in the direction of Trasa Toruńska.

Detours of the area of ​​difficulties will be possible: – along the streets: Kołowa, Ossowskiego, Barkocińska, Myszkowska, Gorzykowska and Radzyńska or along the streets of Borzymowska, Trocka and Radszymńska to the “Solidarności” and ulica Szwedzka, – streets: Matka Teresa from Kalkuta, Gilarska, Samarytanka, Jórskiego, Radniczego Trocka and Borzymowska, – along Szwedzka, Starzyńskiego and Jagiellońska Streets to Trasa Toruńska and Wysockiego, – along Szwedzka Street, Aleja “Solidarności” and further along Radzyńska, Gorzykowska, Handlowa and Kołowa Streets to św. Vincent.


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Changes in the running of city buses

During the square, changes in the running of public transport have also been planned. City buses will take tours.

169: BRÓDNO-PODGRODZIE – … – Mother Teresa of Calcutta – St. Wincentego – Kołowa – Ossowskiego – Barkocińska – Myszkowska – Gorzykowska – Radniczego – al. “Solidarności” – Targowa – Kijowska – DW. WSCHODNI / KIJOWSKA /.

212: CH TARGÓWEK -… – Pratulińska – Handlowa – Ossowskiego – Barkocińska – Myszkowska – Gorzykowska – Radślińska – al. “Solidarności” – Swedish – 11 November -… – PL. HALLERA.

409, 500: BRÓDNO-PODGRODZIE – … – Mother Teresa of Calcutta – St. Wincentego – Kołowa – Ossowskiego – Barkocińska – Myszkowska – Gorzykowska – Radniczego – al. “Solidarności” – Szwedzka Street – S. Starzyński Street – Gdańsk Bridge – … – CM. NORTHERN-WEST GATE, RONDO “RADOSŁAWA”.

N12, N62: METRO TROCKA, WOŁOMIN / OS. NIEPODLEGŁOŚCI / -… – Trocka – Pratulińska – Handlowa – M. Ossowskiego – Barkocińska – Myszkowska – Gorzykowska – Radiszyńska – al. “Solidarności” – Szwedzka – Starzyńskiego – Gdański Bridge – … – DW. CENTRAL.

N14, N64 only in the directions of the Olesin and Choszczówka loops: DW. CENTRALNY -… – Swedish – Starzyński – Jagiellońska – Toruńska – Wysocki – Bartnicza – Wyszogrodzka -… – OLESIN, CHOSZCZÓWKA.

The Public Transport Authority informs that during the renovation there will be no stops: Inżynierska 02, Harnasie 01, Rondo Żaba 01, 02 and 06, Staniewicka 02, Rogowska 01 and 02, Kołowa 01 and Strzelecka 02. At Szwedzka Street, between the crossing with Letnia and a substitute stop 11 Listopada 53 will be opened along the flyover leading towards the Starzyński roundabout.

Works at the Żaba roundabout are to end on Monday, August 9, around 4 o’clock.

The first stage of works at the Żaba roundabout

Last weekend, new asphalt was laid on the south-west part of the Żaba roundabout as part of the first stage of works. Rondo Żaba is another location where ZDM carries out holiday repair and maintenance works. It started with the footbridges over Ostrobramska Street at Poligonowa Street and over Powsińska Street near Limanowski Street. Then the road workers entered the Siekierkowski bridge. There, they have already replaced concrete islands between the roadways at the intersection of Trasa Siekierkowska and Wał Miedzeszyński and are completing the renovation of the southern pavement pavement in the section from the expansion joint to the pylon on the west side of the bridge, and soon they will also start replacing the expansion joint on the eastern side of the bridge over the road towards Wawer. In mid-July, road workers laid new asphalt on the northern Połczyńska road, on the section from Powstańców Śląskich to Tkacze. As they announce, in the second stage, most likely in mid-August, a renovation will be carried out on the section of Weavers – Szeligowska.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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