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Warsaw. Exhibition of photographs by Wiktor Strumiłło “Urzecze and Vistula”. Where and when can you see?

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“The frames, taken as if from a film, allow you to go on your own journey through the area, located so close to Warsaw, and delighting with its beauty and life,” encourage the organizers of the opening. At the Norblin Factory in Warsaw we can see Wiktor Strumiłło’s photography exhibition “Urzecze and Vistula”.

– For several years I have been sailing on the Vistula River on a replica of the Vistula boat “Oskar Kolberg”. I actually discovered Urzecze and wanted to show it to a wider audience, because we have a beautiful section of the Vistula near Warsaw, which is very little known and very charming. I thought it would be worth it for others to get to know him apart from us, people who sail on the Vistula, he said.

– What delights me most is the wildness of the Vistula, the wildness of the river, I am delighted with the fact that it is disturbed to a small extent, so when we sail on the Vistula, we encounter beautiful wild beaches. Amazing views at sunrise and sunset and peace – he added.

Where and until when can you see the opening?

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Vernissage of Wiktor Strumiłło’s photographs “Urzecze i Wisła” can be seen at the KinoGram cinema in the Norblin Factory. The exhibition, as we read in the description on the cinema’s website, shows the extraordinary charm of the Masovian region, which is Urzecze.

“The frames, taken as if from a film, allow you to go on your own journey through the area located so close to Warsaw, and stunning with its beauty and element. The Golden Age for Poland would probably not have happened if it were not for the Vistula – the only highway of those times, which was used to float wood, grain and other goods on boats, jellies and dubas. They sailed to Gdańsk and then around the world. When Columbus was looking for America on his approximately 20-meter-long small ships, 40-meter-long boats sailed on the Vistula River. Due to the agility of surfboards, they reached speeds higher than today’s wooden boats powered by engines. The Vistula and its tributaries were then the bloodstream of the Republic of Poland,” write the organizers of the opening.

The exhibition can be viewed until December 19.

Who is the author of the exhibition, Wiktor Strumiłło?

Wiktor Strumiłło is our editorial colleague. On a daily basis, he takes photos as a camera operator, drone operator and photographer. He is the author of cinematography for films by, among others, Ewa Ewart’s “To the Last Drop”, which has already been appreciated and awarded:

Grand Prix for the best film of 2023 and the award for the best Polish documentary film at the BNP Paribas Green Film Festival in Krakow;

Golden Nymph – special award named after Prince Reinier for the best documentary film at the 62nd Monte Carlo Television Festival;

And the reward in the “Oceans and their protection” category at the Deauville Green Awards festival in France.

In addition, he was the author of cinematography for the films: “Zagiowane Urzecze” (2020), “Discovering the pages of the history of Warsaw’s Praga” (2014), “Song of Rebellion” by the RUTA band (2012). He takes photos out of passion. He is an inland and sea sailor. Co-builder of the replica of the 16th century boat “Oskar Kolberg”. Passionate about rivers, especially the Vistula and Pilica.

Main photo source: TVN24

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