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Warsaw. Expensive tram to Wilanów. All offers are over budget

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Trams Warszawskie has opened bids in a tender for the construction of a tram line to Wilanów. Seven companies applied. The cheapest proposal exceeds the budget for this investment more than twice.

The tender in the “design and build” formula concerns the construction of a tram line on the sections from Puławska to ul. St. Bonifacego and Stegny loop and from ul. St. Bonifacego to ul. Branicki. Seven companies submitted their offers.

The lowest amount was proposed by Budimex – PLN 945 million 527 thousand. zloty. Less than a billion was proposed by the consortium of Balzola Polska and Lantania – 973 million 623 thousand. zloty. The remaining offers amount to more than a billion: PORR – 1 billion 218 million 438 thousand, ZUE – 1 billion 222 million 231 thousand, Trakcja – 1 billion 230 million, Strabag – 1 billion 778 million 989 thousand, Gülermak – 1 billion 820 million 447 thousand

There will also be an electronic auction

All the offers presented are well above the budget allocated for this route. The spokesman for Warsaw Trams, Maciej Dutkiewicz, told us that the city had secured approximately PLN 495 million for this purpose.

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Trams hope that the amount will be captured. – The final price, however, is not known yet, because the contractors who submitted their bids will participate in the electronic auction. The experience so far allows us to expect that the prices will be lowered as a result of the planned auction – stated Dutkiewicz. He also announced that the auction is expected to end within “the next few weeks”.

Rather, the cancellation of the tender should not be expected. – We know the experiences in other cities, where tenders were canceled and then announced again. Time was wasted and the price was the same, added a TW spokesman.

The company takes into account the staging of investments. – Due to the fact that this is an investment co-financed by the European Union, we have to complete it, i.e. from Branicki in Wilanów to Rakowiecka. However, for various reasons, we can use the staging mechanism here. Importantly, this will allow us to start this investment – he emphasized.

Tram route to WilanówWarsaw trams

Tram to Wilanów

The tender for the tram to Wilanów was announced in September. The eight-kilometer route will start at Puławska near Goworka. The tram will cover a 22-meter difference in the direction of Lower Mokotów along Goworka and Spacerowa Streets. Then the route will run straight along Belwederska and Sobieskiego Streets towards Miasteczko Wilanów. There are also plans for an 800-meter branch of the route along Św. Boniface to the bus terminus in Stegny (the second branch will be built in Gagarina Street, but not under this contract).

We already informed in August that the tracks to Wilanów can be made in pieces. There was information in the media that in the case of high prices, the branch towards Stegien, as well as the section towards Wilanów, after the intersection of Sobieski and Św. Boniface may arise at a later date.

The branch along Gagarina Street is also connected with the construction of the tram route from Mokotów to Wilanów. It is an investment carried out jointly with Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji, because a sewage collector will be built at the same time. The contract for the implementation of this investment in the “Design and build” formula was signed with the consortium of Inżynieria Rzeszów and Balzola in May last year. As the TW spokesman announced, the first works on this section are to begin at the turn of this and next year.

Map of tram investments in Warsawtvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Warsaw trams

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