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Warsaw. Explosion of a grenade launcher at the Police Headquarters. The prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation

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The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw initiated an investigation in connection with the explosion of a grenade launcher in the office of the former Chief Commander of Police, General Jarosław Szymczyk. The incident occurred in December 2022.

“The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has initiated an investigation into failure to fulfill obligations due to failure to check the grenade launcher for sappers and possession of firearms without the required permit. In the course of these proceedings, the failure to order the evacuation of the KGP building will be investigated,” the prosecutor’s office announced on Monday on Platform X.

The spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutor Szymon Banna, announced last week that the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw had received a notification from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on the suspicion of committing two crimes: failure to fulfill obligations related to failure to check the received grenade launcher for mining and sapper purposes, and possession of a firearm in the form of a grenade launcher without required permission.

Explosion in the KGP building

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The explosion at the headquarters of the Police Headquarters occurred in mid-December 2022 after the visit of General Inspector. Szymczyk in Ukraine. The former commander – as he himself explained – received grenade launchers as a gift from the heads of the local services, which were supposed to be used and which he brought to Poland. However, one of them broke out in the back of his office.

Main photo source: Krzysztof Brejza

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