Warsaw. False tickets for illegal parking – what do they look like and how do they differ?


City guards warn against false tickets. Summons are placed behind the windshield wipers of cars on Warsaw streets. This time, the fraud attempt took place in Praga Północ. Fraudsters have improved their method – the form contains a QR code, which when scanned takes you to a suspicious website.

“For the second time recently, someone is trying to extort money using the ‘payment request’ method,” the city guard warns in a press release. We already reported on a similar case on tvnwarszawa.pl on September 22. At that time, an attempted fraud was reported in Praga Południe.

What do fake tickets look like?

Further false calls were noticed in Praga Północ.

“Behind the windshield wipers of the vehicle, the guards detected a piece of paper with the logo of the City Guard of the Capital City of Warsaw and a QR code, the scanning of which takes you to a suspicious website. The leaflet contains information about the amount of the fine imposed with a tempting proposition that if we pay the amount within 24 hours, we will receive a fine.” for an offense will be reduced by half. However, it is a bait that aims at one thing: gaining access and clearing the victim’s account,” the guards describe.

“This is the second attempt at ‘payment request’ fraud within a few days. Therefore, we would like to remind you once again: NEVER comply with payment orders placed on leaflets found behind the windshield wipers of your car. With a request from the City Guard, please report to the Local Branch,” they add .

Moreover, the original summonses do not include the account number and the amount of the fine.

Guards warn against false calls Municipal Police

Main photo source: Municipal Police of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw

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