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Warsaw. Fat Thursday 2023. Wola will choose the best fit donut

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This year, the donut eating competition in Wola will replace the selection of the best donut in the fit version. – On Fat Thursday you can eat tasty food without worrying about excess calories – announce the authorities of the district. Kindergartens take part in the competition, and the jury will include well-known Wola pastry masters and representatives of district councils. Announcement of results on February 16.

Fat Thursday is getting closer. On this occasion, the Wola Town Hall is organizing a competition for the best fit donut baking. The competition is addressed to kindergartens in Wola, which are equipped with convection ovens. – We decided to show that you can eat tasty food without worrying about excess calories by organizing a competition for a baked, not traditionally deep-fried donut – says the mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, quoted in the release.

Competition for kindergartens in Wola

The necessary equipment is already there. – In Wola it is possible because a few years ago all kindergartens were equipped with convection ovens, which allow for the preparation of healthy meals – reminds Grażyna Orzechowska-Mikulska, deputy mayor of Wola. The competition is therefore addressed to kindergartens in Wola – employees of the kitchen department, kindergarten pupils and teachers. – This season, the competition will take on a new look, guaranteeing the participants a lot of freedom and including children in the process of co-creating the tradition of Fat Thursday. – In this way, we also encourage people to change their eating habits – says Strzałkowski.

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– The jury, apart from representatives of the district board, will also include councillors: Magda Huszno, Ola Kurban and Ewa Molenda, respectively from the District Council, the Youth District Council and the Wolska Senior Council. There will be voices of experts from the confectionery workshop “Zagoździńscy” and Confectionery Zosicz from Żelazna. These are confectioners who in previous years won the “Wolski Pączuś” competition addressed to entrepreneurs – continues Strzałkowski. – However, their fame is not limited to our district. Queues of customers from all over the city are waiting for their pastries – the mayor praises the entrepreneurs.

They will evaluate donuts in a “blind test”

Kindergartens that entered the competition will have to deliver their products to the kindergarten “Przy Zielonym Wzgórzu” (Wolska 79), where on February 15, in a “blind test”, the jury will assess their taste, smell, consistency and appearance. Cooks in their facility will have to create pastries in a convection and steam oven in accordance with the slogan: “Ale heca – Wolski donut from the oven”. – Children will be responsible for the decorating process, and then, with the help of teachers, of course, they will make cards for the cookbook with recipes written in verses – says Grażyna Orzechowska – Mikulska.

As the district points out, this season the struggle of “Wolski Pączuś” will take on a new look, guaranteeing participants a lot of freedom and involving children in the process of co-creating the tradition of “Fat Thursday”, thus encouraging them to change their eating habits. In previous years there was a fight in Wola for the title of “Wolski Pączuś”. The competition was to eat five donuts in the shortest possible time.

Fat Thursday in WolaTomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

The best recipe

This year’s competition will select the best recipe for a baked donut. The recipe will then be made available on social media and in the district bulletin “Kurier Wolski”. – We will find out not only which institution will win, but also provide the residents of the district with inspiration, so that everyone who has a fan oven can bake their own “fitPączka wolsku” – says Ewa Statkiewicz, chairwoman of the Wola District Council.

The confectionery workshop “Zagoździński” was established in 1925, and a great supporter of its products was Józef Piłsudski himself, who sent his adjutant to it for donuts. The specialties of the establishment are traditional donuts and donuts with multi-fruit marmalade, made of natural ingredients, fried in traditional lard, hand-made according to an old, proven recipe of Władysław Zagoździński.

Confectionery at Żelazna 64 Jerzy Waldemar Zosicz – is one of the two Warsaw plants that produce real cookies. The plant has been operating on the corner of Żelazna and Krochmalna Streets since 1972 and specializes in the production of donuts and other sweet delicacies produced using natural ingredients.

Main photo source: Wola District Office

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