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Warsaw. Felling in the capital’s forests. Why do trees go under the ax?

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Trees will be cut down in the forests of Warsaw. The first works have already started in Wesoła, the next ones are planned in Wawer, Ursynów, Bemowo, Białołęka and Bielany. Officials explain why the trees are disappearing and describe what other treatments they have planned in the forests.

As the town hall informs, annual “care treatments” have started in the capital’s forests. What is under this name? The main maintenance work is the so-called “thinning”, that is, the removal of specific, single trees in the forest. Officials ensure that those dying, infested with pests, with visible symptoms or damage will be cut. “During thinning, foreign trees are also removed, including invasive tree species, as well as some healthy trees that grow too densely. The cutting of the latter is designed to create space for the neighboring trees in order to expand their crowns and enable optimal growth. By removing single specimens, the remaining trees have more resources at their disposal, thanks to which they can develop better and more stable “- explain the officials in the press release.

“It often happens that employees of the City Forests – Warsaw have to cut trees to remove trees located close to communication routes, the condition of which directly threatens safety” – they add.

Where will the foresters carry out the work?

The works that are currently underway in the Wesoła district (around Warszawska, Podleśna, Wawerska, Mickiewicza and Asnyka Streets) will last until the end of the year. The treatments planned in other districts of Warsaw should also end by then: Wawer (Las Matka Mojej), Ursynów (Las Kabacki), Bemowo (Las Bemowo), Białołęka (around Płochocińska Street) and Bielany (the buffer zone of the “Las Bielański “).

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Each of the places covered by the works will be appropriately marked by employees of the City Forests – Warsaw.

Tree felling in the Bielański ForestMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Shutterstock

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