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Warsaw. Fight against “signosis” in Śródmieście. They create a database of companies that operate in the cultural park area

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Preparations are underway for the entry into force of regulations related to the creation of the Historical Center of Warsaw cultural park in Śródmieście. They define what they should look like, among others: an advertising sign, a street trade stand or a catering garden. Officials are creating a database of companies, institutions and property owners in 500 hectares of the park.

The decision to establish a cultural park of the Historical Center of Warsaw in part of Śródmieście was made at the last Warsaw Council last year. According to the resolution, the park area includes the Old and New Town, the Royal Route, the Krasiński and Saska gardens, as well as green areas located below the Skarpa and Łazienki Królewskie, a total of over 6 kilometers.

Officials create a base

As the Office of the Capital Conservator of Monuments reminds on social media, the regulations will enter into force on December 29, 2024. But preparations for the implementation of the resolution are already underway.

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“Now we are creating a spatial database. We have already counted over 1,000 companies, institutions and property owners in 500 hectares of the park, and we are not even halfway there,” explains the conservator’s office.

“With the arrival of spring, we will go into the field to check and complete our data. We will talk to entrepreneurs and property managers about shared responsibility for the landscape and the possible need to adapt to new regulations,” we read in the announcement.

As noted, the appearance and surroundings of many premises and buildings already comply with the regulations of the cultural park. “Of course, we have our eye on certain areas and problems that we will focus on first,” the officials note.

Also in spring, the preparation of the “Park Guide” will begin. It will be an online publication that will show the possibilities offered by the cultural park of the Historical Center of Warsaw. It will be published on the city hall website.

What do the provisions on the cultural park regulate?

As explained by the director of the Warsaw Office of the Conservator of Monuments, Michał Krasucki, the cultural park is a tool that can be used since 2003, but the first parks were created only after 10 years. The solution is mainly used in old towns, e.g. in Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław. – After a few years, they started to bring very specific results – noted Krasucki.

The provisions specify what an advertising sign, a street trade stand and a catering garden should look like. According to officials, this makes managing the area easier and improves relations between the office and the entrepreneur. Issuing administrative decisions in matters relating to, among others: locating catering gardens, advertising media or small architectural objects is to be faster and simpler.

The resolution also regulates the placement of advertisements and protects original architectural details and historic woodwork. Regulates the rules for placing technical devices. He devotes a lot of attention to the protection of trees and urban green areas.

The resolution voted by city councilors is local law, so it will apply to all owners, holders and tenants of real estate.

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