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Warsaw. Fire at Marywilska Street. Observer's report

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In the morning, a fire broke out in a shopping complex on Marywilska Street. The fire covered over 80 percent of the hall. Black, acrid smoke hung in the air. No one was injured. As a result of the fire, many people lost their jobs.

The shopping center at Marywilska Street was supposed to be open on Sunday. However, this did not happen and a fire broke out. – We woke up in the morning and the woman got a call that the hall was on fire. Many people will be unemployed, said a man who observed the fire on TVN24. He added that for the woman who answered the phone, the mall was a place of work.

– Crying, despair, many people out of work. It's a pity for people and a great tragedy – he emphasized. He was also surprised by the size of the fire. – I'm surprised that the system failed, that it spread in such a time, that it burned down like that – the man added.

The fire is being extinguished

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– Firefighters extinguish the fire. There is less smoke now. No one was injured, said Junior Brig Konopka from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Warsaw

The Fire Department reassures that the smoke no longer poses a threat to the health of residents. – However, we still recommend residents of nearby houses to close their windows – added Konopka.

“More than 80 percent of the hall is on fire”

According to PSP, the hall at ul. Marywilska has dimensions: 250 x 250 meters. “More than 80 percent of the hall is on fire. Rescue operations are carried out by 50 units, including the Specialized Chemical and Ecological Rescue Group. The Headquarters of the State Fire Service, Brig. Mariusz Feltynowski, Ph.D., together with the operational group, go to the site,” the fire brigade reported on the platform X

Junior Brigadier Michał Konopka from the Warsaw Fire Department informed on TVN24 that the fire was reported before 4 a.m. He added that when firefighters arrived at the scene, “virtually the entire building was already on fire.”

As he said, “there were security staff on site as well as the first buyers who wanted to enter the workplace.” He added that they were evacuated to a safe place. Konopka said there was no information about any injuries. – Firefighting operations are ongoing, the operation is heavy – he said. He said a lot of flammable materials were stored at the facility. – There were boxes with various things. A lot of clothes, a lot of textiles, he added.

He said that the roof structure partially collapsed.

RCB Alert

The Government Security Center issued a warning on Sunday morning in connection with the fire at the Marywilska 44 shopping center in Warsaw. “Do not approach the site of the fire. If you can, stay at home and close the windows,” they appealed.

– Our activities focus mainly on sending the RCB alert. We do not have our representatives in the field, we rely on the information that comes to us from the relevant services that take care of safety and monitor the situation – explained RCB spokesman Piotr Błaszczyk before 7 a.m. on TVN24.

Błaszczyk said that the alert would probably remain in force throughout the day. – The probability of a toxic substance being present in the air is low, but we are waiting for the opinions of experts and specialist firefighters from the chemical team. Based on this, we will possibly expand the content of the alert, he said.

Main photo source: TVN Warszawa

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