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Warsaw. Five Corners Square. Over a thousand tickets in five months. There will be no cameras, because the services do not want to use them

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In April, the cameras borrowed from London by the Municipal Roads Authority, which were supposed to support the police and municipal guards in enforcing traffic regulations on Plac Piię Rogi, will disappear in April. The contract for the rental of these devices expires. As a road construction representative told us, the cameras will be dismantled and sent back because the services do not want to use them.

The thorough reconstruction of Plac Pięci Rogów was completed in July last year. According to the new traffic organization, the square has become a space inaccessible to cars, only public buses can travel here. The exceptions are cars with special NC identifiers issued by the Municipal Roads Authority, as well as, at certain times, suppliers delivering goods to nearby restaurants and service outlets.

Despite the ban, many cars passed through the Five Corners Square notoriously. There were also those who parked their cars in the square. There were more and more policemen in the area. First, there were instructions, then fines poured in. Finally, the guards settled there permanently.

As part of introducing discipline in this place, road workers announced that cameras would scan license plates, and after comparing them with the data of ID holders, photos of cars that are not authorized to enter will be sent to the police. – In the autumn, we installed LaneWatch Mk3HD cameras on Plac Pięci Rogów, borrowed from London, which are used there to check vehicles entering restricted zones. Five Rogów Square is constantly monitored in this regard by the city guard, who checks whether the drivers entering there can do it – explains ZDM spokesman Jakub Dybalski.

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Over a thousand tickets in five months

At our request, the Warsaw City Guard shared the statistics of offenses from the last five months. Despite the clear sign that it is not allowed to enter the square, there were a lot of fines and warnings.

“From November 1, 2022 to March 26, 2023, in the area of ​​Plac Piię Rogów, officers imposed 1,032 fines, including 997 fines for non-compliance with the B-1 road sign (traffic ban in both directions – ed.), while 35 fines were imposed for offenses related to incorrect parking: parking in the residential area outside the designated places, parking in places that make entry or exit difficult, failure to comply with the B-36 road sign (no stopping – ed.) – informs the press office of the Municipal Guard in In Warsaw.

During this period, the guards also prepared 14 applications for punishment to the court, including 13 for non-compliance with the B-1 road sign and 1 for parking on an area excluded from traffic. “During the activities, they used 555 measures of educational influence, including 537 for non-compliance with the B-1 sign, while in 18 cases the measures applied concerned the incorrect parking of vehicles. In 53 cases, the guards issued summons for incorrectly parked drivers, at the same time making photographic documentation of the offense committed, and wheel locks were used for 109 vehicles” – enumerates the city guard.

On the camera, like in the palm of your hand

The services dealing with the enforcement of the regulations were to be supported by cameras installed in the autumn, which work on a daily basis in places similar to Five Corners Square in London. Jakub Dybalski praises the quality of photos that these devices provide, – You can see the registration number, driver and road markings at a glance, at any time of the day or night and in any weather – he describes.

ZDM itself is not authorized to punish drivers for breaking traffic regulations, but the material collected in this way can be handed over to the services.

– We wanted to get acquainted with the possibilities of registration, practice the whole procedure of downloading and saving data, check in what form we can submit a specific report to the police, so that it would be the most convenient for them. In October, we asked the municipal police for a day off from their presence in the square. When they were not there, we collected a package of several reports of violation of applicable traffic regulations and handed them over to the police – indicates Dybalski.

As he informs further, ZDM also provided all information about the system. The police officers were shown the software and explained how it works. – We have declared our full support and openness, also when it comes to the possible need to confirm the reports with testimonies from our operator. We are flexible in every way. If the Traffic Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters wanted to use this system at home, we were ready to configure the software and retrain them in its use – emphasizes the representative of road builders.

ZDM: the services do not want to use it

However, after organized training and exchange of correspondence between the police station and ZDM, the police finally decided not to use the cameras. – She explained to us that she found no legal basis for such action. Correspondence with the city guard shows that the form of control they prefer is the current patrol, not the automatic system that would replace such a patrol – Dybalski reports.

It turns out that at the end of March the period of the loan and test contract ends. – In a situation where the services do not see the need or possibility of using these devices, we will return them – sums up the ZDM spokesman.

On Monday, we asked the Capital Police Headquarters how many drivers on the Five Corners Square were punished by the police in the last five months. Up to the publication of the article, we have not received a response.

Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński/tvnwarszawa.pl

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