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Warsaw. Footbridge over the Vistula River, progress in works

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The footbridge that road builders are building over the Vistula is taking shape. The Municipal Roads Authority talks about the assembly of the next elements and assures: the works are going according to plan. Soon the crane carrying the elements of the bridge slab will be dismantled, which means that the passage along the Vistula Boulevards will be temporarily closed.

As the representatives of the Municipal Roads Authority informed in social media, the assembly of another element of the steel structure, which will consist of the crossing, has begun on the construction site of the bridge to Praga.

They noted that the newest element is being installed on the city center side, and the works are going according to plan at the moment.

The huge crane will be dismantled soon

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– On Tuesday, an element of the structure of the bridge plate from the Boulevard side was installed. Today (Thursday – ed.) Another one is being installed. These are quite precise operations, although the steel elements into which the bridge slab is divided are huge – the one assembled on Tuesday was 31 meters long, two meters high and seven meters wide. Usually, they are first assembled on land from smaller fragments, then transferred to temporary supports by means of a crane and there merged with previously assembled fragments – explains Jakub Dybalski, spokesman for ZDM. – The Contractor installs them on both sides of the crossing. Next week, he plans to assemble another fragment from the side of Praga, and at the beginning of July another one from the side of Boulevards – he adds.

Dybalski points out that the fragment assembled on Thursday is the last one where the large DEMAG 3000 crane is working. – It will start to be dismantled on Friday. With a break for the weekend, its disassembly will take a week. Therefore, next week from Monday to Friday, the crossing and passage along the Boulevards will be closed. We announced that such a week could happen in July and it was supposed to be related to the dismantling of the crane – says the ZDM representative.

– The next fragments – one from the side of Praga and one from the side of Boulevards, will be assembled from the truck. The next ones are already from the water, which will probably be one of the most impressive elements of the construction – sums up Dybalski.

Pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over the Vistula River

The new bridge will be half a kilometer long and will connect the Vistula Boulevards at the level of Karowa Street with Okrzei Street in Praga Północ. Its width will be variable – it will be 6.9 meters at its narrowest point, and it will expand to 16.3 meters over the river’s current. The structure will be 452 meters long. Thus, it will be 127 meters longer than London’s Millennium Bridge. Pedestrians can walk the crossing in six minutes, cyclists can cross it in two minutes.

Rest areas for pedestrians will be installed on the footbridge. The lighting of the facility will be provided by light sources placed in the balustrades. The bridge will be monitored.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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