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Warsaw. Former bosses of the “Mokotów group” legally convicted of attempted murder and robbery

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15 years in prison for Piotr G. for attempted murder and three robberies, and eight years each for two bosses of the Mokotów group – “Molek” and “Oskar” – for the attack on the exchange office. The Court of Appeal in Warsaw dismissed the appeals of the defenders of the accused. The judgment is now final.

The final conviction of Piotr G. and two former heads of the Mokotów group was announced by the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, emphasizing that it was its Mazovian department for organized crime together with the capital’s police that led to the conviction of the gangsters.

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Attack on convoys

The beginning of the case is related to a robbery committed in the evening of December 22, 2016 on escorts collecting cash from a courier delivery point in Warsaw’s Wawer district. The perpetrators fled the scene in a car, which they then abandoned. They tried to cover their tracks, but police technicians managed to secure genetic material in the car. As a result of further research, one of the perpetrators was identified – Jacek Z. In addition, one of the participants in the attack – Piotr G. – lost a P64 pistol, on which the experts revealed biological traces belonging to him.

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“Based on the collected evidence, the prosecutor of Mazowieckie “pezety” accused Jacek Z. of complicity in armed robbery, the Press Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office informed.

At a later stage of the investigation – as PK informed – the collected evidence in combination with modern forensic methods allowed to determine, among others, the course and perpetrators of the next three robberies and attempted murder, as well as several dozen other crimes committed from the late 1990s until 2017, including by members of a violent criminal group known as the so-called finger-cutting gang.

Not just a robbery, but also attempted murder

The first crime for which the District Court of Warsaw Praga in Warsaw sentenced Piotr G. ps. Gulczas aka Gula is a robbery on the co-owner of one of the gas stations near Warsaw, which took place on June 8, 1998 in Nadma near Wołomin. In the sentencing verdict, the court recognized the qualification of the prosecutor’s office that the defendant committed not only aggravated robbery, but also attempted murder. The latter accusation resulted from the fact that G. with partners planned to take over the cash after causing the collision. Driving at high speed in a stolen Audi 100, he caused a head-on collision with an old toddler.

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“The court fully agreed with the prosecutor’s position that the defendant, wanting to stop the victim carrying cash at all costs, agreed with depriving him of his life – taking into account the difference in the weight of the cars, the speed at which he was moving the Audi 100 car and the construction of the Fiat 126p, which gave an illusory the safety of people inside the car in the event of a head-on collision with another vehicle moving at high speed.

They entered the warehouse with guns

Another crime for which Piotr G. was sentenced to six years in prison was a robbery at a liquor warehouse in Radzymin, which took place on April 30, 1999. During this robbery, G., using a pistol, entered the warehouse with two other men also armed with firearms. Inside, they terrorized the saleswoman and the customer, and stole almost PLN 30,000 from the cash register.

The crime for which all three defendants were sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment is robbery with the use of a dangerous tool in the form of a baseball bat, which took place on May 24, 2000 at ul. Silver in Warsaw. The victims were the co-owners of the office.

“The robbery took place when the victims running the exchange office took money from the deposit box in the total amount of PLN 450,000, and then left the bank to Srebrna Street, where they were attacked. The victim was pushed against the wall of the building, grabbed by the neck by Piotr G. ps. Gulczas aka Gula, and then she started to struggle with him. At that time, Oskar Z. alias Oskar began to beat the injured man on the head and torso with a baton. When the third attacker appeared – Jacek Z., He hit the injured man in the face with his hand, and at the same time, another attacker – Marcin S. alias Molek hit the woman with his straight leg from a jump in the chest, as a result of which she dropped a bag with cash, which was taken by one of the attackers” – described the course of the event, the National Prosecutor’s Office.

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Appeal rejected

“The Court of Appeal in Warsaw did not take into account the appeal of the defenders, fully shared the position of the court of first instance, upholding the judgment of the Warsaw Praga District Court in Warsaw in terms of imprisonment sentences imposed on the defendants” – informed the Press Department of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Thus, Piotr G. was legally sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison for attempted murder and three robberies. Whereas Marcin S. ps. Molek and Oskar Z. ps. Oskar were legally sentenced for the robbery of the owners of the exchange office to eight years in prison.

G. is accused in two more cases by the Mazowiecki Branch Office of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw and the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

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