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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Warsaw. Former deputy head of the Real Estate Bureau acquitted. Other proceedings are still pending

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The District Court in Warsaw informed that Jakub Rudnicki (agreed to provide the data – ed.), The former deputy head of the Warsaw Real Estate Agency, was acquitted in another trial concerning alleged irregularities in the re-privatization of real estate. The judgment is not final. Other proceedings are still pending against the official.

“The District Court in Warsaw, by its judgment of October 29, 2021, acquitted the accused Jakub R. of committing the three alleged offenses under Article 231 paragraph 2 of the Penal Code” – the Independent Press Section of the District Court in Warsaw informed. This article deals with any abuse of power by an officer. However, the court made a reservation that the judgment is not final and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw on November 3 filed a request for a justification of the judgment.

Art. 231§ 1 A public official who, by exceeding his powers or not fulfilling his duties, acts to the detriment of public or private interest, shall be punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years. material or personal gain, shall be punishable by imprisonment from one year to 10 years.

It was also reported that two other proceedings were still pending in the District Court in Warsaw. The information sent by the court shows that they relate, among others, to passive bribery, fraud and abuse of powers by an officer.


Also acquitted in another case

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In the trial, which started in September 2019 in front of the District Court in Warsaw, Jakub Rudnicki, the former deputy head of the Warsaw Real Estate Agency, heard two accusations: fraud to the detriment of an older man on the conclusion of a contract for the transfer of ownership of the premises and forging the signature on the handover protocol confirming its issuance . The prosecutor’s office demanded two years in prison for him, the defense asked for an acquittal. In May, the court acquitted Rudnicki of both charges. The extensive justification indicated, inter alia, the willingness to prove the accused guilty, despite the fact that further evidence indicated his innocence. “If the prosecutor sees that there are no grounds for the indictment, he should admit he was wrong” – assessed.

This judgment is also not yet final. “The files together with the appeal were transferred to the Court of Appeal in Warsaw for examination” of the case – the press section noted.

Jakub R., “gray eminence of the town hall” (material from 2017)Leszedk Dawidowicz, TVN24

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