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Warsaw. Four companies willing to modernize Skaryszewski Park

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Road builders have opened offers in a tender for the modernization of one of the most popular parks in Warsaw. The historic “Skaryszak” is to look like in the old days and this year. Four companies applied for the renovation tender.

The good news was announced by the Municipal Roads Authority. “We have opened offers in a tender for the implementation of a project that is a response to the most important problems of one of the most beautiful green areas in Warsaw. The surface of the main avenue will be renovated and the lighting throughout the park will be replaced. In total, four offers were received, ranging from PLN 7 to 9.2 million “- informed the road workers.

The modernization of the park will be carried out in cooperation with the Greenery Management.

A good chance to carry out work this year

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Offers from the following companies were received in the tender: FBSerwis (PLN 7.5 million), ADROG (PLN 7.6 million), Palmett (PLN 9.2 million) and Q-REKBUD (PLN 7.1 million). The potential contractor will have exactly 6 months from the moment of signing the contract to carry out the works. “So there is a good chance that a significant part or all of the work will be carried out this year” – said ZDM.

The works were divided into 3 stages related to: replacement of lampposts in park alleys (main and perimeter), construction of lighting in the area of ​​the former dahlia garden, illumination of monuments (including the well-known and popular sculpture “Dancer”) and reconstruction of the main avenue.

All concrete poles in “Skaryszak” will be replaced with stylized lanterns (replicas of pre-war crosiers from 1923). The lighting will be modern, energy-saving and equipped with motion sensors.

Reduced light flux

“When there is no movement, the luminaires will shine with a significantly reduced luminous flux (up to 40 percent), and after detecting it, they will light up at 100 percent. This setting will work from 10 pm to midnight” – explained the road builders.

The lighting will be programmed taking into account the day and night cycle and the needs of both people visiting the park and animals permanently living in it.

As explained by road engineers, the luminaires will change the color temperature depending on the time of day. In the evenings it will be 3000 K, just like in the streets. From 10pm to midnight the light will be warmer (2600K). In turn, from midnight to morning the color temperature will change even more and reach 2200K. The result will be an animal-friendly soothing amber color and a reduction in the phenomenon of “light pollution”.

They will protect the ashes

The works carried out in the park will also protect the large, several dozen meters tall European ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior), growing in rows on both sides of the avenue. The green area around the trees will be enlarged so that the trees have better living conditions.

The wires supplying electricity to the new lighthouses in the middle of the walking alley will be located under its surface, which will minimize the work on the ash rows. Trees grow right next to the asphalt surface, raising the curbs separating it and causing the asphalt to undulate and crumble.

“At the end of the works, the entire main avenue will have a new single-space arrangement. The green belt will not divide it into two smaller parts, as it has been so far. Flowerbeds appeared in the park as a secondary element in the 1970s together with the monument to the Fallen Soldiers of the Red Army. This place is gone, now it’s time for another step towards returning to the historic appearance of the park.

The new avenue (on the section from the band shell to the intersection with the perimeter avenue in the square where the soldiers’ monument used to be) will be made mostly of water-permeable mineral surface in beige. The final section to the Washington roundabout will be made of asphalt. After the changes, both sections will have a constant width of 11 meters. Currently, there are two alleys, 4 meters each, separated by a 7-meter green belt.

Park in the register of monuments

Skaryszewski Park is a historic area. It was built in the area of ​​former meadows of the village of Skaryszew in the years 1905–1916. It was designed by the then chief gardener of Warsaw, Franciszek Szanior. Since 1973, the park has been included in the register of monuments.

In 2009, the park, bearing the name of IJ Paderewski since the interwar period, was honored with the title of the Most Beautiful Park in Poland and the third in Europe in this respect.

There are 280 species of trees and shrubs in the park, and the greatest treasure are specimens from the original dendrological collection, which have managed to survive to our times. They include, among others: Amur corks, hybrid chestnut, bitter hickory, Caucasian wingnuts, American knotweeds and several species of ash. Particularly decorative are the ancient Japanese magnolias, which are the main spring attraction of the park, when they are covered in abundance with beautiful white flowers.

Main photo source: ZDM

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