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Warsaw. From Wednesday, April 12, Cooper Street will be closed. New traffic organization

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From Wednesday, April 12, it will be impossible to drive along Coopera Street – announced the capital city hall. Difficulties are related to the construction of one of the ventilation rooms that will allow aeration of the metro. Bus line 249 will also change its route during the works.

Due to the construction works, the builders of the second metro line must occupy the area opposite blocks 4 and 6 at Coopera Street, as well as the entire width of the road and a fragment of the pavement. Access to the buildings will be possible. A temporary pavement will also be laid, which will allow you to walk along Cooper Street – around the construction site (on the western side of the street). A zebra leading to it will also be designated.

Difficulties for drivers

The city hall announced that drivers will not drive along Coopera Street from Górczewska Street to Bataliony Chłopskie – the road will consist of two independent sections. Entry and exit will be possible from Górczewska Street or Batalionów Chłopskich. Between Cooper Buildings 4 and 6, the roadway will be cordoned off. The exit from the car park and internal roads will be preserved.

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The contractor will also occupy part of the car park on Cooper Street, including the entire existing entrance. A new one will be built instead.

It will be possible to go around the closed section along the following streets: Górczewska, Lazurowa and Batalionów Chłopskich. Traffic lights at the intersection of the last two streets will be adapted to changes in traffic.

Such traffic organization will be in force until the end of the construction of the second metro line, i.e February 2026.

Cooper Street – detour of the closed sectionWarsaw City Hall

Changes in communication

Due to the work from the early hours of Wednesday, April 12, the bus line 249 will change the end of the route. Its detour will lead along Lazurowa and Górczewska streets to the os. Gorczewska.

The following stops will not operate: Bataliony Chłopskich 54, Coopera-Przychodnia 02 and Cooper 02.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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