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Warsaw. From Wednesday, drivers will drive along the western carriageway of Lazurowa

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Already on Wednesday, June 21, drivers will enter the newly built, western carriageway of Lazurowa Street, announces the capital city hall. For the time being, the ride will be possible in one direction: from Aleja Obrońców Grodna towards Górczewska Street. Thanks to this, road builders will start building the second of the planned roadways.

Lazurowa Street is being reconstructed in Bemowo. Works are underway on a section of approximately 500 meters between the S8 route and Górczewska Street. Two roadways with two lanes each, new pavements and solutions for bicycle traffic are being built there. At the intersection with Narwik Street, there will be a pedestrian crossing and a bicycle crossing with traffic lights. It is also ongoing expansion of the rainwater drainage network, street lighting and construction of new bus stops. In autumn, 95 trees, numerous new shrubs and perennials will be planted along the road.

Change of traffic organization

Due to the works carried out, on Wednesday, June 21, around 10 pm, the organization of traffic on Lazurowa Street will change. Car traffic will be diverted to the western side of the road, where a new carriageway has already been built. Travel along Lazurowa Street, between the S8 route and Górczewska Street, will be possible only in one direction – from north to south, i.e. from the S8 route to Górczewska Street. It’s the opposite of what it is now. Before entering the Radio Free Europe roundabout, the road will widen to three lanes: turn left, drive straight, and straight and right. It will be possible to turn from Lazurowa Street into Narwik Street and leave Narwik towards Górczewska Street.

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A detour of the Lazurowa Street under construction will lead Górczewska and Warszawska Streets to the S8 route connector. Buses will also run on this route 149, 167, 220 towards Bemowo and N45 towards Central Station.

In order to avoid the work site, drivers will also be able to take Górczewska, Powstańców Śląskich and Radiowa to Kaliskie.

Redevelopment of Lazurowa Street Warsaw City Hall

Two-way traffic will return after the holidays

Thanks to the introduced change in traffic organization, it will be possible to commence works on the eastern side of the road and build the second of the new carriageways there. Two-way traffic will return to Lazurowa Street after the holidays. Then both roadways will be ready and provide drivers with two lanes in each direction.

There are still finishing works to be done and planting plants. The street is expected to be ready in November. The investor of the works is the Capital City Development Board, and the contractor is SKANSKA.

The extension of Lazurowa from Górczewska Street to Aleja Obrońców Grodna (Route S8) will complete the construction of a road route running through the districts of Ursus, Włochy and Bemowo – between the southern and western parts of the Warsaw ring road.

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Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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