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Warsaw. From Wednesday, work in Ursus and Białołęka. Difficulties and detours

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On Wednesday, August 16, road workers will start work on Posag 7 Panien Street, where they will lay a new surface. In turn, waterworks will enter Myśliborska, in the area of ​​Kasztanowa. There will be difficulties for drivers.

For less than a week, from Wednesday to Sunday, from August 16 to 20, road builders will replace the surface on two sections of Posag 7 Panien Street: from Szamoty Street to the entrance to the bus depot and from the Posag 7 Panien 20 building to Taylor Street.

The road will be narrowed and become one-way. Drivers will go only in the direction of Gierdziejewskiego. Access to the property will be possible at all times. In the other direction, you can go along Gierdziejewskiego, Balicka, Władysława Jagiełły and Traktoristów Streets to Szamota.

Detour for Posag 7 Panien Street Warsaw City Hall

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Pedestrians and cyclists will also be affected. Pedestrians will be able to walk on the sidewalk on one or the other side of the street. The lanes will be narrowed but active. “Cyclists should pay attention to the signs, because at a certain stage of work the road for bicycles may be closed on both sides” – the capital city hall reported.

Buses 177 and 207 in the direction of the Górczewska estate and the Ursus-Ratusz loop will take detour routes. They will run along the streets of Gierdziejewskiego, Lalki, Władysława Jagiełły and Traktorystów.

Modernization of the collector on Myśliborska

In turn, in Białołęka, the modernization of the sewage collector in the area of ​​Myśliborska Street, on the section between Dorodna and Świderska Streets, is underway.

On Wednesday, August 16, work on Kasztanowa will begin. The roadway at the site of the works will be narrowed to three meters. On the section between the internal roads leading to the property Myśliborska 42 and 64 there will be one-way traffic.

As in the case of previous stages, drivers will go this way only towards Świderska Street. The detour in the opposite direction will lead along Światowida, Modlińska and Dorodna streets.

detour of Myśliborska Warsaw City Hall

The entrance of Kasztanowa Street to Myśliborska Street will be narrowed to one lane. Zebra will also be eliminated. Pedestrians will be able to cross from one side of the street to the other on a temporary sidewalk.

Work on this site will last until mid-September.

Bus schedule changes

“At the same time – by mid-August – the works on the fragment from Płużnicka Street to the Myśliborska 82 property are to be completed” – informed the town hall.

One direction of traffic has been introduced for the entire time of the renovation of the collector on Familijna Street. You can ride it from Modlińska to Portowa. These restrictions do not apply to cyclists. A replacement bus line Z11 runs through here.

During the works, the route of the line 211 has been shortened. Buses run only to and from Świderska 05 stop. Instead, a replacement line has been launched Z11 running from the Żerań FSO loop along Modlińska, Żerańska, Klembowska, Dorodna, Myśliborska and Światowida streets to the Myśliborska 01 stop. “The location of some stops will also change” – added the city hall

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