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Warsaw. “Gang of poisoners” took over apartments. Indictment

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The Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office has completed its investigation into the “poisoning gang”. According to the prosecutor’s office, the group abused the elderly, the sick, those with addictions or financial problems. The victims were given poisoned alcohol and their apartments were taken over.

– On May 8, 2023, the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw filed an indictment against six people, including a notary public, with the Warsaw-Praga District Court in Warsaw, informs Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokeswoman for the local prosecutor’s office.

As he adds, the indictment concerns five murders, six crimes of attempted murder, 18 crimes of unfavorable disposal of property or attempted fraud in relation to property of significant value.

– Three men were accused of participating with other people in an organized criminal group led by one of them. The allegation presented to the notary concerns, inter alia, the violation of powers by a public official and his certification of untruths in the documents regarding the granting of a power of attorney to sell one real property, prosecutor Skrzeczkowska specifies.

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They made friends and gained trust

We wrote about the case at the beginning of 2022. – As it was established in the course of the investigation, the mechanism of the committed crimes consisted in determining by the accused people who were single, addicted to alcohol, the sick and their assets, in particular the real estate they owned – describes Skrzeczkowska.

Then, as the prosecutor added, members of the group made contact with such people, befriending them, gaining their trust and under the guise of helping them in matters of life, they obtained powers of attorney from these people, including notarized ones, to fully dispose of their real estate.

– With such a power of attorney, they sold the property to themselves or others. Already at the stage of befriending the victims in order to deprive them of their lives, taking advantage of their addiction, they systematically served them alcohol containing an admixture of isopropanol, which resulted in the death of some of the victims, and as a consequence, in accordance with the intention of the perpetrators, allowed them to cover up the traces of the crime – says Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the practice lasted about five or six years, and the group’s place of operation was mainly Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

The indictment is not the end of the case

Three of the accused are currently in pre-trial detention. – From the property of the suspects, money in the amount of over PLN 350,000, two cars, debts in the amount of about half a million zlotys were secured, and eight properties were mortgaged with a compulsory mortgage for a total amount of about PLN 2,400,000 – informs the spokeswoman.

– The conducted preparatory proceedings have a multi-person and multi-object scope and an unprecedented character. The indictment sent to the court does not end the case, as the circumstances of the takeover of other properties are being investigated, which requires further collection of evidence – he adds.

Poisoned alcohol in a pensioner’s apartment

As a result of the investigation, the life of another victim of the group was saved. She was supposed to be a pensioner from Warsaw. On September 9, during operational activities, the officers secured a one and a half liter bottle of mineral water in which alcohol was poisoned with isopropanol.

It was also established that the same woman had been to the bank with one of the suspects two months earlier and had withdrawn PLN 330,000 from the account, previously PLN 100,000. Employees of the bank alerted the police, suspecting that their client may be cheated. Krzysztof P. was caught before the woman gave him the money.

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