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Warsaw. Grandma Kasia beaten in front of the church. Robert B. legally sentenced

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The former head of the nationalist march, Robert B., was legally convicted of leading a hooligan act – Jerzy Jurek, Grandma Kasia’s defender, announced on social media. This concerns the events of October 2020 in front of a church in Krakowskie Przedmieście, when an activist was beaten.

Jurek provided information about this on the X platform (formerly Twitter – ed.). As the lawyer pointed out, B. was convicted of “directing the commission of a hooligan act by unknown perpetrators.”

“There was no self-defense, #GrandmaKasia did not commit an attack on the Church. The penalty is 1 year of community service + PLN 10,000 compensation and public disclosure,” he pointed out.

– The accusation was that Mr. Robert B. and his companions ordered them to forcibly, using violence, pull Mrs. Katarzyna out of that place and throw her down the stairs – Grandma Kasia’s lawyer explained in an interview with TVN24 reporter Michał Gołębowski.

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When asked what the B defense line was, Jurek replied: – He claimed that he did not lead anyone there and he renounced the activities of the guard (the so-called National Guard B. – ed.) in a formal process. Even though in his election materials, which we showed in court, he actually came there as part of his guard. And he claimed that he acted in self-defense and defended the Church against attacks.

The activist’s lawyer pointed out that the court, based on the recordings, determined that Mrs. Katarzyna had not committed any attack on any legally protected property. – There was no attack, so there could not have been self-defense, he concluded.

The verdict in this case was handed down in March this year. At that time it was not yet legally binding.

Nationalists guarded the entrance to the church

The incident took place on October 25, 2020, when B. allegedly assaulted an activist. After the Constitutional Tribunal announced changes to the abortion law, protests broke out across the country women’s strikes. Robert B. was one of the people guarding the entrance to the church of St. Krzyża at Krakowskie Przedmieście. Attempts were made to remove the women demonstrating there by force. Nationalists were tugging at the activist’s rainbow bag. The woman was pushed down the stairs. She submitted a private indictment to the court in the case.

Only Robert B. stood trial. The identities of the other two men involved in carrying Grandma Kasia away could not be established (according to “Gazeta Stołeczna” reports, they were the ones who physically threw the activist down the stairs, and “B. watched everything from behind their backs”).

Grandma Kasia is an activist who often participates in protests against the PiS government. She was detained many times during the demonstration. The activist was detained, among others, in Szucha Avenue during a demonstration in front of the Constitutional Tribunal against the tightening of the law on abortion.

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In the last parliamentary elections, Robert B. ran on the PiS list from the last place in Radom. However, he failed. He collected 4,354 votes, giving him ninth place. This was not enough to obtain a parliamentary mandate.

Main photo source: Piotr Polak/PAP

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