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Warsaw. Hanna Machińska at the University of Warsaw. She gave an introduction to the canceled lecture

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Doctor Hanna Machińska appeared on Tuesday afternoon at the University of Warsaw. Her speech was called “an introduction to the actual lecture”, which was canceled by the rector of the university. A protest against his decision was held in front of the main campus gate.

On Tuesday afternoon, in front of the main gate of the University of Warsaw in Krakowskie Przedmieście, sympathizers of Dr. Hanna Machińska, who was dismissed from the position of Deputy Ombudsman in December, gathered. In this way, they wanted to express their opposition to the cancellation of her lecture “And the walls will fall, run, run”.

Dr. Machińska appeared at 5 pm in the hall of the former library of the University of Warsaw, which is the place where the lecture was planned. The organizer of the series of lectures, former rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. Piotr Wegleński. Letters of support from Halina Bortnowska and prof. Brand Safjan.

Then Hanna Machińska began her speech, which she called “an introduction to the actual lecture”. It is devoted to the topic of migration, which the lawyer considered the greatest challenge of our time. The speech is broadcast on TVN24.

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Hanna Machińska during a speech at the University of WarsawTVN24

Machińska: walls are evidence of hostility, walls are evidence of hostility

Dr. Machińska explained that when she chose the topic of the lecture, she knew that migration was a global problem. – It affects us in particular because we are on the border of the European Union and it is a difficult border – stressed the lawyer, pointing to the neighborhood with Ukraine and Belarus.

She also talked about why she titled her lecture “And the walls will run, rune, rune”. – In today’s world Europe, the world is becoming a fortress. Europe of the 21st century is closing. Europe is building walls. These walls are proof of hostility, walls are proof of hostility. It is true that the wall can freeze the conflict, as it was after the war. But these are very rare cases. In general, the walls show us that we do not want those who enter our territories, she pointed out.

She also reminded that there are currently 77 walls in the world. – And after 1945 there were only five of these walls. The walls are growing, which is a very bad sign. A thousand kilometers of the wall have been built in the last 30 years. In the world, Asia is in the first place, but Europe is second – said Dr. Machińska.

Lecture canceled for “technical reasons”, then “aula available”

Recall: the authorities of the University of Warsaw canceled the lecture of Dr. Machińska “And the walls will fall, rune, rune”, which was to take place on January 17 in the auditorium of the Old BUW on the main campus. The official reason was “technical reasons”. Machińska was to find out about the cancellation of the event by chance, from a friend. The organizer of the cycle, the former rector of the University of Warsaw, prof. Piotr Węgleński.

Later, the “technical reasons” apparently ceased, because the rector Alojzy Z. Nowak announced in a statement that the hall was at the disposal of the organizers.

Doctor Hanna Machińska assessed in an interview with our journalist Katarzyna Kolenda-Zalewskathat this should never happen and that it is “very awkward for a university”. – Suddenly it turned out that there was a problem with one of the many lectures. After all, at the university, as part of this series, we had an unusually large number of lectures on difficult topics (…). For me it was a very sad situation. This is my university and I believe that this should not happen at this university. It happened, so now we have to get out of it. (…) I am glad that we have found a way out of this difficult situation.

Main photo source: TVN24

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